“10 Things That Happen On The Third Day”

Prov.22:20 :  ” Have not I written to thee excellent things in councils and knowledge. ”(KJV)
The word “excellent”  in the Hebrew  is shaliysh  meaning in triplicate.

The day we are in  has been called the third day third time,  or wave, or move, or dimension, or level, anointing etc.etc.
 The third day is more than a new buzz word or just another Christian experience It is the revelation and the assurance of Jesus Christ in His finished work made real to us by the holy spirit. 
When this happens in us we wake up to a brand new day and it suddenly overtakes us.

We then move from the first day of childhood, the second day of adolescence, into the third day of maturity.

                                  ”10 things that happen on the third day”

(1)——-The third day brings new life and fruitfulness from within; The seed is within itself all you have need of God has put in you, we are now fruitful.  (Gen.1:13)
(2)——-The third day we lift up our eyes, and we are no longer looking at the dust, the devil or defeat, but now on a land of full provision.  (Gen. 22:4)
(3)——- The third day we arise and purify ourself from negative influences of death law and legalism. (Num.19:12)
(4)——- The third day Saul is slain;  this speaks of our old belief systems, religious traditions, self interest of ministry, or trying to become the man or woman of the hour. (2 Sam.1:2-4)

(5)——- The third day the butler is restored to favor with Pharaoh and (the baker “old way of cooking” is hanged)

The butler speaks of the one who opens the door no longer will we seek to have doors open for us we will look and see that every door is open, and speak to hearts not doors. Gen.40:20

(6)——–The third day we understand that our prayers have been answered with a yes and amen we no longer need a promise we have the fulfillment in Christ then our prayer life changes dramatically as we move from warfare to worship, we do this on the Third day.

(7)——–The third day we come to destiny and put on our royal apparel, and make our entrance into the palace ( The house is where we relate, the palace is where we rule ). (Est.5:1)

(8)——— The third day we are raised up to live in His sight then we move beyond just believing him into really knowing him, it is from containing to becoming.(Hos.6:2)

(9)——–The third day Jesus turned the water into wine interesting he did this at a wedding “speaks of our (union) with Him”   this speaks of Him taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, taking our weaknesses and making it our strengths. (Jn.2:1)

(10) Jesus was raised up on the third day; this speaks to us of our complete victory over sin, death and hell. (Mt.20:19)

Scott Stimson Sr

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