What About Ministries Who Charge Large Honorariums?

#14 There is an alarming trend that within the church there are well known ministries who bring in multiplied millions especially through books and materials and live very extravagantly way beyond what most could dream of, and some receive up to 50,000 or more for a speaking engagement with other demands, they justify it by saying they paid the price can the church be a voice to this? is it abuse or is it justified?


  •  David R Huskins I do know of a major ministry who in one of the greatest displays of love I have ever seen personally wrote a check for $3 million dollars in Rwanda back in August so I decided on the spot there that I could see it was not his first time of doing similar things so I realized having millions does not mean one is stingy or corrupt…I don’t want to determine anyone elses salary but sure hope everyone prospers enough to one day give away millions.

  • David R Huskins Me personally I am not willing to judge what another person should or should not make as an income or a honorarium. In a free market society I want to stay away from the side that determines how much someone should or shouldn’t make in any field of career or service. I m not an enemy of wealth and prosperity. I may think something is absurd in figures but my question is not is it abusive to get paid those fees, my question is why are people crazy enough to pay them? Either they have to give or they feel they are getting their moneys worth in return. I say to each his own.


  • Djc Csada Oh my???? I wonder how Father must see this… how the Gospel has been exploited for the cause of gain. I know my heart aches at the thought.

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  • Dale Carver I would question the wisdom in paying 50000 for a speaking engagement more than a speaker getting 50,000. If he can get it more power to him, but I would question the Pastor motive in getting them. It is God that promotes.

  • Thuthuka Tuks Xulu I so wish some of these ‘super – doopa ministers’ can learn from your humility Sir. I mean, when you came into Africa, South Africa to be exact, you ‘ld stay in our homes as opposed to staying in expensive hotels, eat the same food we ate despite the level of anointing you carry, pay for your travelling expenses, etc. 

    I saw with my own eyes signs of a true apostle being made manifest in our midst [2Cor.12:12], e.g. a guy aged 32 who was dumb from birth regaining his ability to speak, diverse healings taking place; accurate words of knowledge, wisdom and prophesy and so on and so forth. God bless you Sir! Much love and respect to you!

  • Gregg Wilson It is just business. Maybe we should call it like it is. If we are known by a tax status, we still dislike the government getting involved. These contradictions antagonize the soul. Everyone who is ask what they do for a living, should have an answer. Straight up, no bs. I even thinkin o raising my fees (that is a joke folks, about my fees, I don’t have any)I am worth 50k an hour though

  • H Scott Stimson Thuthuka Tuks Xulu God Bless you brother. love ya
  • Thuthuka Tuks Xulu We love you too brother Scott, please do come back pretty soon! We miss and need you BIG TIME!!! I talk about you all the time…
  • Dale Carver Jesse Duplantis came to our place for a love offering. He paid his own expenses, we did take up a great offering filled with love and dollars. He deserved it, he earned it. Try to get a well known athlete or celebrity. You will pay. I like Gregg do not charge but am worth something. I have been to places where I got less than what it cost me to go. God always provide but I do not have any complaints about a preacher charging a certain amount. In fact, I would rather know up front then as Pastor, I can decide if I really want him/her.
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  • H Scott Stimson I will be back to S Africa I love it there.
  • Gregg Wilson I know that! Amen Dale
  • Thuthuka Tuks Xulu Nowadays we ‘ve got so many people who claim to be apostles but can’t deliver the goods, it’s all just talt talk [1Cor.4:20]. Thanks once again, Sir, for modelling to me and the rest of us what a true apostle looks like in real life.
  • Jim Taylor Seems to me that the guy who started all this said something about not charging for it .. not to carry along a bunch of clothes .. eat whatever was given you .. stay where ever they allowed you to .. but hey .. that was a long time ago.
  • Gregg Wilson To the status, this is not reparable from only one side. We all too often give money, because someone agrees with what we think we understand. AND, we do it as a habit, even in politics. We’ll vote’em out, or shun’em, by golly. Showing we really do not want to grow. Visiting preachers are alot of times told what to preach on. Ya really, do not be shocked. Can we all just get real. The business of speaking for edification. Nothing wrong with it.
  • Dale Carver There is two things that I have learned about ministry and money: 1. I am not in it for the money, and 2. It is a good thing that I am not in it for the money.
    The big time ministers who makes the big money is few and far between. I have been ministering 23 years. I have met and have relations with some giants and I can honestly say I do not know a one that is corrupt and just after the money. Most like me left good careers to answer the call.
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  • Gregg Wilson Hey Jim, that Guy, he made no reputation.
  • Djc Csada Wasn’t it Paul who had to make tents for his own and would profit all…. jusayin
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  • Gregg Wilson Yes Dave, AND when asked what he did for a living, Paul said, ” I am a tent maker, servant to the Lord”.
  • Jim Taylor I have been around some “BIGGIES” … one lady – who cannot read or write and couldn’t graduate Bible School because of that – has raised seven people from the dead that I know of. She has no car. She has no radio program. She has no travel agent. In fact, for a long time, she only had dirt for a floor in her house. Her and her husband are giants in the Kingdom.
  • Djc Csada My heart faints within me to hear of such things…. and we who had some come and speak could not seem to get even enough together just to be a blessing, hear the Gospel preached and the man of God continue on there way.
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  • Djc Csada Scott I don’t get it, while others have had to sell everything including going into bankruptcy, and continue preaching the good news.
  • Gregg Wilson unwilling to make tents? could it b
  • Thuthuka Tuks Xulu As virtuos as it is for ministers to be self – supporting, it is also biblical for ministry to support the minister [Phil.4:18]. It’s just that some people go way over the limit.
  • Djc Csada @Thuthuka Tuks Xulu I think you nailed it here… appreciate you sir.
  • Thuthuka Tuks Xulu @Djc – thank you kindly Sir. The feeling is mutual.
  • Bishop Frank Zorn I think it is an abuse. Don’t get me wrong a worker is worthy of his wages but so many of these books are ghost written. I was a bivocational minister for 20 years until I became partially disabled in an accident. My family and I have lived by faith for over two years. No welfare, do I get a little frustrated when I see these things and remember our struggles. I tell myself God is just and keep moving forward.
  • Rocky Walker My opinion, bombs away! Ishmael means wild ass could it mean dumb ass, just asking? Who would pay someone 50,000 to speak? Cathy checked one time about a husband and wife team coming to our church to sing, their fee 5000, I heard them sing before, they never came. Church & Ministry is BIG BUSINESS to say the least. The ministers and the churches who are charging and paying these big fees, need to check their relationship with God, however what about the people who are giving to these ministries, (see my definition of Ishmael). Now I know why ministers charge fees, because they have been burnt by pastors, churches, for giving them a tip instead of the offering that came in for them. As a pastor if someone tells me they have to have so much to come, they do not come. However, it is my responsibility to make sure that minister is taken care of and blessed. I will give them everything that comes in their offering, and if it is not enough I will make it up, but that has happened very few times in the history of our church. Place them in a nice hotel, buy their food and fill their car up with fuel. I want to be a blessing to the REAL MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD! The true church wants to give offerings and the true minister wants to come and be an offering.
  • Sandy Bellerose Kuz What has happened to “Freely you received, freely you shall give.”? Are these people walking in faith or not?
  • David R Huskins I personally think we pay entertainers, politicians, CEO’s, athletes and so many others too much but I still buy tickets to see them play, perform, entertain, or speak so I don’t blame them for what they are paid I blame me for continuing to support.
  • David R Huskins I do know of a major ministry who in one of the greatest displays of love I have ever seen personally wrote a check for $3 million dollars in Rwanda back in August so I decided on the spot there that I could see it was not his first time of doing similar things so I realized having millions does not mean one is stingy or corrupt…I don’t want to determine anyone elses salary but sure hope everyone prospers enough to one day give away millions.
  • Todd Weber accountability to Jesus number one (who judges righteously) and the five fold ministry…I would say this would also include the real Apostles and Prophets that are so few and maybe even shunned by many “churches” who would like to become incredibly rich and famous with satellite superstars on platforms
  • Steven Moffett The true church wants to give offerings and the true minister wants to come and be an offering……Pst. Rocky thanks for this JEWEL!
  • H Scott Stimson Rocky and Cathy are good examples of this they live it.
  • Shannon Galon It might seem like a silly thing to most people, but there are a few things I watch specifically for in ministries. One is how they treat the “little people”. The people that pour their coffee, that wait on their table at a restaurant, the way they treat the hosts in the home they are staying in or the hotel staff if they’ve been put up somewhere. It’s very telling of the charachter of a person. This was the very first thing that I noticed with you Pastor Scott, that showed me that you could be trusted, the kind, humble, and gentle way that you dealt with the “little people”. When you work in the same hotel where the church is holding services you KNOW THINGS. The staff never had anything bad to say about you, in fact they looked forward to you coming back.
  • H Scott Stimson Thank you Shannon that means alot..
  • Steven Moffett You’re spot on about Cathy Walker we were honored to have her at our church and she was DOWN TO EARTH and easy to be entreated! Her and Dr. Hiles were a breath of fresh air, absolutely no CHARISMATIC SWAG at all!
  • Shannon Galon You’re very welcome
  • Michael Bush Yes, sadly there is such a greed in the church that twists Gods prosperity and perverts it and has a voice that tells you that Jesus died on the cross to give you a Cadillac! It sickens me to hear that voice.
  • Thuthuka Tuks Xulu @Jim Taylor – I’m responding to your first interjection / comment. 

    What has earned Scott the amount of respect he has amongst us Africans, is the fact that he ‘ld refuse offers to book him in 5 star hotels and ‘ld voluntarily choose to dwell amongst …See More
  • Simon Bull They call it the free market H Scott Stimson. If a speaker is bringing value then the market will suport that value, if not then he will have to reduce his fee.
  • Simon Bull To those to whom much has been given, much will be required. Sitting back and firing shots at successful ministries is probably not the most constructive move. Probably better to “be the change”, admittedly it is harder than making comments.
  • Ava-Jo Holmes · 2 mutual friends

    i was under the impression that christians were not to live by the laws fo the land nearly as much as they are to live by the laws of god…….

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