How Should The Church Handle Marketing Groups?

#18 a 3 part ? Should the church allow MLM groups to market among the congregation or discuss investment opportunities openly with the church? Should the church protect its more wealthier members from those who want to borrow money from them?


David R Huskins well I am glad we have the mention of wealthy members because I think it is wonderful to know we are not all poor nor should we want it to be where we are all poor. I think the asset the wealthy among can make is the wisdom on how they got there if it was gained honestly. I think ethically we have to be careful on allowing marketing groups in to promote and sell unless there is a clear 100% full disclosure of all interest, investments, and some sort of financial integrity statement verified by an outside party.


  • Heather Laffitte On allowing the MLM groups to market in the church — absolutely NOT! I cannot think of a faster way to drive away people who are annoyed by MLMarketers. I say this as a person who, despite my best efforts to avoid these people, was once cornered in my own home by a friend who knew I would be too polite to ask her to leave. For at least 2 hours, she prodded me about whether I was satisfied with my career as an attorney and tried to convince me that I should start a new “career” selling makeup and skin care products instead. If these people were constantly cornering me in a church or ever speaking from the pulpit, I would never go back to that church..

    David R Huskins I as a whole have encouraged people to be trained in investing and marketing etc but don’t encourage so much the investing and marketing be done in and through the church as much as the education on how to be done in the church. Let the actual doing be done through wise searching and education and relationship building of individuals. I witnessed a ministry invite people to invest large sums of $ into a “television ministry that was on the market” only to learn it was never on the stock market at all and the stocks were no good and most of them were sold from pulpits. In our state there are two different pastors in court now for encouraging the purchase of investments from what appeared to be “God’s answer for poverty” firms that turned out to be illegitimate. One must be absolutely sure that an investment is real to encourage that in a public setting. Thus why I discourage it but encourage the training and information on how to invest wisely.

    Marilee Osborn We are the church, we assemble ourselves together to praise and worship the Lord. We are to be examples to those the Lord brings across our path on the love of God, not attempting to run their lives, and coming up with a program to try to manage everyone’s life. God is very capable of training up his own children and providing for them, and he will speak to those he wants to carry out his plans. Man’s institutionalized system has failed for God was not in it. But God is arising out of each vessel in spite of man’s feeble efforts to control everything.

  • Gregg Wilson should there be……a membership?
  • Pamela Stallworth I think as a church, we are family. There should be opportunity for people to sell to others. Not during church, but there should be a time when it could be available. They sell books and other articles in the bookstore, what’s the difference? I would much rather support people in my church if they are selling something I need or want than going to someone outside of church. ie Art, Essential Oils, Video’s, Books. etc.
  • Straightened Paths Interesting point Scott. I currently am on extended visit to a church where there seems a lot of really poor people. It is hard to make friends when you know before hand that if you invite others out to lunch you have to be ready to treat. Kinda gets old too. Also funny how most of the poor folks I know in church are the ones who adhere to Word of Faith doctrine.
  • Cindye Coates · I THINK OPEN FULL DISCLOSURE is THE BEST POLICY! The Secrets and Hidden Agendas are what makes people feel violated and targeted…. WE do not allow PREDATORY tactics from anyone – Including the leadership!!!
  • Cindye Coates · Faith principles are awesome when taught properly…. I was one who greatly benefited from teachings by my dear friend TL Osborn!

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