How will the church answer for its false predictions on the end times?

#3–How will the church answer the world for its own false predictions on the end times will they still be given a major platform or will they be held accountable for what they say publicly or will they still be given a TV platform and We also  forget that anything was ever said in the mean time the church becomes more of a mockery by much of the entertainment industry and we continue to support and idolize them??


  • Charles Hodnett Double like! Scott, I always enjoy reading your posts, and would encourage you to continue. I believe that you can in fact gather intel and present it without being an alarmist. In order to mount an effective countermeasure, there needs to first be an honest assessment of where we are..

  • Cindye Coates · 

    Well…. I have MUCH to say about this!  …. Christians should STOP SENDING MONEY to TV networks who continue to “AIR” these false prophets!! When the money stops coming in.. they will listen to us… As long as they have “monthly partners”… They will have “daily delusional doctrines of deception” and we as a whole will lose credibility…. We MUST stop this immediately…


  • David R Huskins I assume those who believe the predictions will continue to justify them and those who don’t will continue to nullify and even villify them but hopefully we will focus on what is fulfilled and live from that and not get distracted by believing false predictions or fighting them…I hope my response is to quit caring too much about what the “predictors are saying” and also quit caring too much about what the entertainment industry is doing so that both lose their undue influence over good people.
  • Charles Hodnett As long as I have a tv remote I have the power to choose…
  • David R Huskins T L Osborn said here once something I cling to in these discussions “when we focus on the false we take away from the true. Focus on the true and the false will be seen in time for what they are.” that is true of gods, idols, and predictions.
  • H Scott Stimson Just a thought the same rain that ripens the wheat ripens the tares Jesus said (let them grow) even though son’s can discern bastard wheat from the real we must let them grow and not try to remove the tares lest we also get some wheat, how we know the difference is tares darken on top standing erect arrogant refusing to bow to the wind while the wheat is golden and bows at the slightest breeze. There is appointed season heavenly messengers who will remove the wheat from the tares.
  •  Clint Smith I will admit that I thought more problems would arise around the 12/21/12 event simply due to self-fulfilling prophecies. I am glad it was a non-event for the most part. One aspect that I see time and time again is the propagation of the idea by the church that bad things are in our future. This clearly takes away from the fullness of the glory we live in on this side of the cross. When we preach the finished work of Jesus Christ, there is no future event that will add to or take away from the salvation that is ours today!

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