Should We Meet In A Church Building Or A House?

#11 There is in the church where we have 2 extremes we have the structured traditional church where we hear many times a dynamic leader worship teaching and often times a greater ability to influence communities and we also have home or organic churches where body ministry is more the focus with leaders who organize and teach and the people seem more free to participate then in a structured church,the question is should we just support each other recognizing one another’s functions?

David R Huskins People are diverse and therefore there are diverse wineskins to minister to people where they are…the key is that neither should see each other as enemies of the other or one as superior to the other. If “churches” kick against home groups or cell bodys they have missed a key element of themselves and if home groups or cell groups form only to kick against “churches” they miss their calling. Both have a purpose and that is to proclaim Christ and engage the people in service to Him so mutual service and respect would be an effective tool for redemption in my opinion.

    • Gregg Wilson To live is Christ, to die is gain. let the dead bury the dead. Sons are seen, ALWAYS honoring their Father, never seeking gain, but living and speaking life

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    • Donald Lyndon Holloway I believe so! Ephesians 4:5,6,7. Amplified Bible.
      5 [There is] one Lord, one faith, one baptism,

      6 One God and Father of [us] all, Who is above all [Sovereign over all], pervading all and [living] in [us] all.

      7 Yet grace (God’s unmerited favor) was given to each of us individually [not indiscriminately, but in different ways] in proportion to the measure of Christ’s [rich and bounteous] gift.

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    • Bryan Taylor I belive we should recognize and be supportive of another’s functions even if it does not line up with our traditiional way of “doing church.” The leaders of home groups or organic churches are often portrayed as rebellious people who refuse to submit to the authority of a local church pastor. When this question arises, I always hear “we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.” Are we trying to limit God to the confines of “church walls?” Ive seen many men of God looked down on because they were not part of the Sunday Congregation. But I also see more demonstration in some Home Groups than in the Church Building.
    • Deborah K Ward One body, many members. Each with a function. Press toward the mark… Looking unto the author and finisher of our faith… Simply put more than one way to catch a fish… We must be fishers of men.
    • Gregg Wilson the gathering and the assembling of the gathering are two separate functions. In many cases we just gettin to one of them.
    • Bill Benninghoff Right – the local church is a set of relationships centered around Jesus as Lord. How we choose to meet and what style of leadership we adopt are important questions but we are all the Body of Christ if we are following Jesus as Lord.
    • Jim Taylor I have been the jackass that God has spoken through at times .. I think I will let the others alone and just rejoice that he uses us. Just my opinion.
    • Karen Mc Intosh-Bargiel Yes, yes. Support one another. I have witnessed people who started home groups because they wanted to take a different direction than their Pastor. This causes division. We must be of one mind.

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