What About Believers Drinking Alcoholic Beverages

#7 How should the church address drinking alcohol among its leadership and among the congregation should we just say drink responsibly or no alcohol at all as is commonly taught in the southern United States we of course all know there is consequences to our actions but what is your thoughts?


  • Nelson Ford I can not control their mouth or their action so I say pray and let the Lord handle it.


  • Gregg Wilson Consider, in most of these questions, it shouldn’t be about agreeing on a standard, there already is one. It should be about REMOVING the standard of judgment altogether, allowing the Spirit do it’s work, neither giving nor taking offense at anything.

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli I think In moderation its ok

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli but I really don’t drink anymore myself

  • Kimberly Black ~ Gregg /0/
  • Donald Lyndon Holloway I believe our background of life clouds our view of a alcohol. I seen the “abusive” side of it and how much damage it does in peoples lives, including my mom and dad. I hated the idea of drinking any kind of alcohol! my ex-wife came from a background of not being abusive in their alcohol. It has taken many years for me to realize what this scripture says TO ME concerning alcohol. If we should have some wine or others, as long as it does not cause us to lose control of our selves in ways that are sinful, why should it be forbidden? King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)Mathew 15:11
    Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man

  • Denise Parkison I have enjoyed my moderate drinking today while keeping up on all the questions and answers!
  • Donald Lyndon Holloway I would like to clarify something in my comments above. Even though my ex-wife came from a non abusive alcohol drinking family background, she honored my feelings about no alcohol, all of our married life, even when her conviction was that it is fine in moderation.

  • Bill Benninghoff Jesus drank alcoholic wine and feasted often enough that his critics labeled him a “drunkard and glutton.” (Luke 7:34) The scriptures testify that Jesus lived a sinless life. Paul advises us to practice moderation in our drinking (Ephesians 5:18).

  • Robert Humphrey I think religion has done far more damage than alcohol has ever done. I think that there is a large number of people who drink to deal with the condemnation so called “Christians” have placed on them. And I’m sure some religious person will disagree with me.
  • Jim Taylor It might be good if we could change the impression of the church from being known what it is against to being known what it is for.
  • Robert Humphrey We must come to the place where we can see Light in the darkness and command it to come forth! It might be good to stop commanding or preaching against darkness so much and begin calling forth Light!! John 1:3 seems to say that if a person has life, they have Light! If we are connected to the Spirit , we will see it in them, even with a longneck in their hands…….just sayin

  • David R Huskins go outside the United States into most of the world especially outside of the Bible belt and this is not really an issue. So in many ways to me this is not a church issue but a culture issue. Moderation/self control should be used in everything we do. If one has a instinct toward addiction then one should abstain and none should drink in front of someone offended by it like Paul said concerning meat if you go into the house of one who is opposed to it then don’t eat IN FRONT OF HIM. We should protect our weaker brother from falling but observe our liberty in private or in the company of those who share that liberty.

  • Liz Eversole Stephens I see nothing wrong with alcohol, just don’t make a brother stumble with your own freedom. I feel their is a need to keep a watchful eye upon ourselves making sure we don’t become a slave to it. I rarely drink anything anymore simply because it just makes me feel bad and there was a time it didn’t.

  • Alan Whitaker Jim Taylor said it well above “It might be good if we could change the impression of the church from being known what it is against to being known what it is for.” This applies to the whole spectrum of life. And to clarify this does not mean become a liberal – and this is beyond political view points.

  • Jim Taylor The question faced here is “What do missionaries do with their wine bottles?” Throwing them in the trash – which is picked through daily – only points to missionaries drinking. You can only let them pile up around the house for so long – or so I have heard. There have been some rather interesting innovations …

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  • Clint Smith Those who left the upper room were seen by many as “drunk” and yet still made a tremendous impact for the cause of Christ. Drink or abstain as you will – just make an impact!

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