What About Corruption And Accountability In Church Leadership?

There is and has always been corruption in church leaders, such as abuse of money, sexual sins infidelity, drug use, arrogance refusing to listen to anyone, the continued party life but no real care for the people, the I’m right your wrong shut up type thing or your cursed.. How do we bring in accountability to our leaders that is pure honest and restorative for those who have fallen, and provide things honest in the sight of men?


David R Huskins To me accountability has to be desired by the one needing it more than something that can be brought to them. I do know this all become accountable in time by their own choices…either willingly or by decisions that force accountability. So for me I desire it and therefore submit to those in my life that I believe God has placed for the purpose of accountability so that I can hopefully be spared from being forced to accountability by wrong choices. Prevention is better than treatment but I have witnessed repeatedly that God does bring us all to accountability one way or the other so I am not overly concerned with those who refuse it … HE will handle it. I just recommend people willingly submit themselves and save all a lot of heartache/heartbreak. Submission/accountabiltiy in the bonds of mutual love and respect are liberating not bondage.

Tony Pannell I agree with the statement above, but one problem I have seen over the years is, The people have submitted to pastors, those that call themselves apostles (not saying that some aren’t) but those in leadership have not submitted to anyone. To often we have seen the fall of leaders whether it was a sex scandal, abuse of money or abuse of authority, ect.. I have known people who could not make a financial decision in their life without asking the permission or advice from their pastor. I know this is extreme to some people (I pray that most never had to endure this kind of leadership) but I know many ministers with this attitude. They teach they are the husband of the church and the people (the wife) should submit to their authority without question! This teaching is more prevalent than people know. No accountability for the money given. People are taught not to question them, that they were called of God and are not accountable to any man! I have seen so many people who submitted with a true heart and humble attitude to be destroyed by this kind of abusive leadership. All will ultimately be accountable to God and have to answer for their actions. Sometimes with good intentions, good people submitting to leadership, find them selves in bondage. I am not saying we shouldn’t have mentors and fathers that we submit to and respect for their teachings and learning from their years of experience and knowledge. This is needed and vital to the church. Its a subject that brings up many questions. How do we bring a proper balance? How do we bring change? What authority should leaders have? Who are they accountable to? the list goes on and on. I know these are some of the questions Scott has brought up. We need help!!! That is where a great move of the Spirit is needed in the church and among the leadership to bring change, so people don’t have to suffer under a corrupt leadership who they submitted to for years think they were obeying God. I know so many people who trusted leaders and have spent years trying to learn to trust again. I know we are not to trust in man! But many have submitted their hearts and lives to leaders who have taken from them and wounded them deeply. I believe in leadership but, I believe there needs to be a lot of changes in the church and in the leadership. Just saying. Really don’t won’t to offend anyone. Just my thoughts.


Cindy Ledford I think it is as much the congregation as the leaders. We should not expect any more from the leader than we do ourselves. They are flesh and blood just like everyone else. If they are treated as deity, without fault, then they may begin to think of themselves as being that. If you have a leader that will not allow a member to question them or accept advise because they “know it all.” Then run…

Cathi Cannon It seems to me that this type of leadership continues to exist, virtually unchecked, because people keep flocking in to their arenas to sit under them. If I may say so, I think this occurs for much the same reasons a person chooses to stay with an abusive spouse: low self esteem; fear of the unknown, (“What would I do if I left?”); poor or non-existant coping skills; inability/unwillingness to accept personal responsibility. In this case, basically, absence of a personal relationship with God – which the abusive leadership continues to block from them. A vicious circle that needs to be broken from both sides.

Kimberly King I have seen what it can do. God forgives but sometimes I think it is hard for some to forgive themselves. Being in leadership is such an awesome responsibility. Just knowing that I have to answer to God in Judgement as the mother of my three children is frightening enough, much less the souls of hundreds and thousands. As I have read your questions and have been so thrilled to hear you address the various subjects. I think of the life and ministry of Billy Graham and the constant messages he has brought to the Church over the years. Wish you were pastoring a church in these parts! Place would be packed out.

Jimmy Huggins It’s the wording I guess. Meaning we don’t go to church we assemble the church. All for Sunday morning services Sunday evening anytime we can assemble and get saved healed reconciled or what ever while we are together wherever we are gathered just saying the building ain’t the church it’s a place the church meets

Ronald Smith When we Know/see Him {Christ} who is the truth, we will not settle for the false. The Gospel we present must be Him and not man centered. May God the Father reveal His Son in us. I John 3:2 BUT WE KNOW THAT WHEN HE SHALL APPEAR, WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM; FOR WE SHALL SEE HIM AS HE IS. What image are we beholding?

  • Jim Taylor Maybe our paradigm for leadership needs changed?

  • Robin Argyle I think that all of us, not just church leaders, need people around us that love us and will tell us the truth. Accountability is important for each of us, but especially for leadership. I do not like the idea of one minister criticizing another minister. Accountability should come from WITHIN the ministry and be done by those who have walked with that individual, and know and understand the vision that God has given them…Just my opinion…LOL…

  • Rocky Walker All leaders, all people, must want a heart change, that is where it all begins. I must make myself first accountable to the Lord, He is the only one who can make me pur

  • Joseph Dutton As leaders we must know that we are to be lead SERVANTS….with a heart that must be broken and refashioned by Jesus himself….when we submit to His authority then we have true authority….The authority we have in leading others only comes when we do exactly what the old hymn says…”Trust and Obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey”. When we do that then we will not lead lives of excess but in love we will be willing to BE Jesus to those in need fashioned into His image.J

  • Tony Pannell Jesus sent the disciples out by 2 to spread the word. Most of our churches are lead or ran by one man. Even churches that have Elders often times have YES MEN! As was mentioned above, (ACCOUNTABILITY). Plurality of ministry will create a system of accountability. Not a one man show with no checks and balances. Temptation is a strong weapon used by the enemy and will ensnare even strongest people if the situation is right. (lust, greed, pride, ect..) Sometimes an attitude of I deserve more because, I have sacrificed so much or I deserve more money for all I have done. ECT..ECT.. When there is accountability to others and people with whom the leaders can be open and transparent with those around them, a lot of pit falls can be diverted. But it will take men and women who are willing to open up and become transparent to others. Not always an easy thing to let others see who you are or what your struggles are but, that is what it takes to be accountable. That is why I believe there is a need for plurality in leadership. Accountability, Transparency, These are needed to ensure Integrity is maintained in leadership. As was mentioned above, Servants!! The leadership of the church needs to realize and never forget they were called to be Servants, not Dictators or Tyrants telling the people what to do. A servant ask what can I do to serve you not, how can you serve me. This is not an easy thing thing for many to do. Humility, openness, honesty and becoming transparent for others to see! But without accountability, the things mentioned in the Question laid out for us by Scott will always be the down fall of many! Regrettably.

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