What About Profanity In Church And Among her Leaders?

# 6 How will the church deal with her leaders who use profanity like the F word and other foul language among their own, should they be allowed to speak the same behind the pulpit or in the church building or make the people aware that it is okay for anyone to do it and they should feel no shame just be wise as to how they use profanity. There is a lot of people today who think nothing of it what is your thoughts especially to young people its everyday language?


H Scott Stimson My thoughts on this one because I had a law put in my heart by my mother which I appreciate so I can’t talk the way some do with what we in the south call cussing, I have found it is cultural some words started like s.h.i.t. in the moving of fertilizer on ships that they were to ship high in transit. When Peter wanted to convince others he was not with Jesus he started cursing just a thought? My understanding of profanity is speaking words of death not life so if that includes cussing then cussing would be profanity, but i believe there are believers daily who cuss but don’t think they do. For me personally when the Lord delivered me 36 years ago I mysteriously just stopped cussing and never picked it up again. Some times our mouth reveals our attitude and it certainly directs our body “the tongue of the wise is health”. Don’t get legalistic though be bigger than what someone else does or says. it may all come down to respect for a congregation and for myself.

David R Huskins There has obviously become a narrow line in recent years between the sacred and the profane…I think some of the immature language I hear used often and in some cases have even used, has come from the concept of being relevant to the ones we are wanting to reach etc., however, the simple rule should be not is it “cussing, profanity, BIG curse words etc.” but does it edify, exhort, and build up. Some would never use a four letter word but condemn and CURSE people with their message…others may say a four letter word but spend their time in the pulpit building up the saints. I take the approach neither should be celebrated cussing or cursing…and neither should be condemned…God deals with HIS own effectively.

Jim Taylor “cussing” .. the use of expletives .. is often a sign of frustration, anger or rage. These emotions out of control are worse than the words used. They are sometimes a sign of damage that has been done in the person themselves.

“cursing” literally means to pronounce. It is to pronounce evil upon someone or some thing. Jesus cursed the fig tree and it withered and died. When Peter cursed and swore that he did not know Jesus he was pronouncing judgments upon himself to prove that he did not know Jesus. He was lying of course. 

People who would not “cuss” often “curse” … they speak about themselves or others in negative ways that do not produce righteousness, health or blessing.

  • Kimberly Black ~ Ephesians/Colossians easily answer that one.


  • Gregg Wilson speak what the Father speaks and don’t worry


  • Anne Lalonde I do beleive that those behind the pulpit need to be good role models for all people, not just the young folk, and they need to be consistent. Is there such a thing as public and private? God sees our actions at all times- and if its okay for us to swear when He is watching, then why should it matter? The real question should be this- if you were speaking to God Himself, would you speak like that? Is that how God would His representatives to speak? To me, as long as no man of God is insulting His Name or using His name in vain, well, i think the rest is pretty much up to interpretation.

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli I have noticed lately preachers cussing behind the pulpit, 20 years ago that would have never been the case, It didn’t really bother me much, I have a potty mouth at times myself, Im not proud of it, but I do

     Robert Humphrey There is more profanity being spewed in the pulpit under the disguise of “tough love” and “sound doctrine” that is driving the youth of today away from the church. It’s hard to get upset with the F-bomb when we’re being NUKED in the pulpit. Even the worse sinner in the world knows it is not proper to use profanity. I guess it boils down to what your definition of profanity is. What offends you? Preaching a fear based relationship with God void of GRACE offends me far more than the F-Bomb.

  • Gregg Wilson the pulpit does not divide, neither should speech. There is no place for “put on”, how may any assume to regulate the abundance of the heart

  • Kimberly Black ~ The Word of God comes “from” the pulpit, Gregg…..So, divides. ((((Love you))).

  • Jimmy Huggins Who decides which words are “bad” What matters more is what they say when put together in sentences!
  • Jimmy Huggins My grandmas first name is Fairy, she named her daughter Gay. Now when they received these names they did not mean what they do now
  • Gregg Wilson The Word comes from within, the pulpit is only a device. this is not meant to divide men, but a sounding place, for light alone. No need to speak of Dark, speak life, speak what is. Perhaps this is a part of the puzzle of deception, men looking in the wrong place for the Word. Reflective Perspective
  • Michael Klassen Words come only from the abundance of your heart. Life and death is in the power of the tongue, so speak life and not death, blessing words, not curse words. Also Phil. 4 tell Christians what they can and can’t say.
  • Michael Klassen And if my pastor swore while preaching that would be the last sermon I would allow him to speak over me..
  • Kimberly Black ~ Then Michael is taking heed what he hears, and guarding his heart…..the RESPONSIBILITY IS ON HIM……That’s right.
  • Gregg Wilson and so we see, how it is…..no word is over another word, nor man over another man. We either take a drink or complain about the water. One Man One word, One mind, folks, love believes all things and is not offended, nor holds any record of wrongs, nor is touchy. Love is, and where it is not, authority resides not, as well. Love is every place, not all see or hear, yet. And won’t until we release one another.
  • Kimberly Black ~ Good, then we’re agreed and can walk together. Knowing nothing ‘cept Christ and Him crucified…..Christ, and HIS LIFE IN US is the ONLY Life-flowing, Life-giving Issue. /0/Focus
  • H Scott Stimson Well on this I have the law of my Momma written in my heart that says if you talk that way I’m not going to be happy with you I will love you but not be happy about it. these are questions that arise not all from me.
  • Michael Klassen Gregg, don’t know you but if I understand what you saying I have to disagree. Words are very important. There are words that are better than others. Word indicate what is inside a person. And words create or destroy. I currently have a lucrative contract sitting in my email inbox. If I had used the “wrong” words the contract would be elsewhere. So not really sure what you meant. I did like your 1st Corinthians reference and I take no offense, I just won’t agree to have a Christian leader over me or kids who uses words I believe are curses. The Bible is the final authority and says not to let unwholesome words come out of our mouths and how can fresh water spring produce salt water?
  • Gregg Wilson You speak of language, My mention was “word” of which you and I are
  • Michael Klassen Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification.
  • Kimberly Black ~ I agree with your Mom, Scott, as usual. How many people have these questions, I don’t care, because the Word of God has answered them…..Let every man work out HIS OWN SALVATION with fear and trembling.
  • Amanda Garner I am personally not offended by profanity when used in moderation. I agree with another poster about there being no difference between public and private, I do feel that there is a time and place for it if one chooses to use it. I suppose I’m one of the “young people” you’re referring to who has never really paid it much attention.. I do think that there are much worse things that come out of peoples mouths than a few cuss words.
  • Jim Lacy Out of the abundance of one’s heart shall he speak.
  • Mike Rush To paraphrase Jim, I believe that what comes out of the mouth is a true reflection of the heart.
  • Jim Lacy To answer the question Scott asked: I think he/she should be asked why that language would seem appropriate and wide in any venue. It seems a matter of maturity.
  • Mike Rush James chapter 3 speaks of the power of the tongue. Personally, when I am around Christian people, their powerful testimony can be ruined by their tongue. Verse 2 speaks of the maturity Jim mentioned.
  • H Scott Stimson Thanks Bishop
  • Jim Taylor I love that post by David R Huskins – there’s a lot people who could never say “sh_t” out loud but they sure don’t mind gossiping or using the Lord’s name on a vision of their own.
  • Kimberly King Slang in the pulpit! Wow Can’t see it.
  • Liz Eversole Stephens When lead by the spirit especially behind the pulpit, God’s voice is holy and precious even through correction.
  • Jim Taylor Where did the “pulpit” come from? Who introduced it and made it sacred? Why would standing behind some man-made object make what someone says more important than if they were shoveling dirt while talking?
  • H Scott Stimson Jim here is a thought the word for tower as in the tower of Babel Gen.11:5 is the same word translated pulpit in KJV Ezra 8:4 that is where the word came from. Selah I ain’t saying no more on this one a tower..
  • Annette Milne Years ago I found myself getting caught up in the snare of “foul language” in the workplace and I prayed for God to help me – He moved me on without any of my revelation to them of my discomfort of their language issues to my well being. My mind is b…See More
  • Clint Smith I have been much more often offended by the ideas offered from the pulpit than I have by the words chosen to communicate them. I go back to my comment on #2 regarding effectiveness. If a person’s ministry is bringing others to a relationship with Christ, leave ’em be!

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