What About The Heavy Pressure Being Put On People In Church?

#12 In today society people are under heavy pressure from all sides causing family break up and often neglected children What is the churches responsibility to this and how can we continue with our many programs without robbing families of their precious time.


David R Huskins Again for me this is not a church question but a personal question. It is a matter of personal priorities. I am a single parent raising four children at home alone…lead in a church and a group of churches and have a active travel ministry. I also have business interest that helps supply for my sons futures. My marriage didn’t end because of anything to do with the church in fact it could be linked to the educational system as the culprit but I still believe in education. The church has never been anything but a strength to my family and my four sons have all written and testified of that fact. IF my role in church, organizations, business etc. asks of me something that interferes with my family it is not the responsibility of the church, organization, or business to not ask it is my responsibility to say NO I cannot do that at this time. I certainly respect as a leader of a church/business when the congregation or my employees put their family first. It tells me they are getting the message and or the kind of employees I want to have representing my company.

  • Alan Whitaker Hmmm. What is the church’s responsibility for the kids? What is the church’s responsibility for the families? What is the church’s responsibility? What is our responsibility? The last question is rife in life in general. What about the marriage vows? To __ __ __ __ , till death do you part. The co-pastor (the wife) counseled numerous marriages into divorce via the wife. The couples were all active in the church. This was the last organized church I was a part of. My marriage split up polarized what was left of a dwindling church. I was served divorce papers at home group and “conveniently” no one else showed up that night at the hosts home. The hostess was in cahoots with my ex so that only I would be there. I really “felt the love” and enjoyed going to church . . . . . . . . . . <cough>

  • Shannon Galon when we adopted our two youngest kids I stepped aside from all church responsibilities, promising myself it would only be for a year. That was now three years ago, and I have never gone back to it. I still go to church, but God really had to deal with me in that my FIRST ministry is to raise Godly children, that my children and my marriage are my mission field in this season. I think that we all need to examine ourselves, put our own priorities in order. It isn’t the churches job to do that for us, and we can’t blame the church when it all comes apart if we were not keeping our ‘house in order’. However, I will say this, I have taken a lot of flack for this. I am often misunderstood as not being committed and ‘on the fence’ because I refuse to be told when and how often to be there, and what I should volunteer for. I will not sacrifice my family for an institution, and I don’t believe for a second that God would ask me to.

  • David R Huskins I think “personal responsibility” is a term that needs to be rediscovered in every sphere of life.

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