What About The Poor And The Extravagant Ministries?

#1 –How will the church handle the poor in 2013 even our own membership? will we continue to live extravagantly while the single mother can’t even pay her utilities or will we begin to turn and take our offerings and bless people instead of more construction companies, merchants, consultants and marketing companies?

Answers-David R Huskins One of the greatest things we have done in Cedartown lately is when we paid off the debt of the church we then took what we were paying monthly on debt and have started the second Sunday of each month using that same payment to start paying off the debts and needs of those in the body and it has been such a blessing to watch the debts of people disappear especially those who could have never made it alone. It is not the whole solution but has been a great start for us.

David R Huskins we have now had 6 months of it and it is a joy each second Sunday to behold…I look forward to functioning off of one or two of the Sunday offerings and giving two or three of them to paying for peoples needs in the body…but at least it is a start…not enough but a start. Your questions are thought provoking and I was thinking that one of the biggest questions for me is are there any “we” who can answer the questions posed to THE CHURCH when there is such division and disagreement on who “the church” is in most circles. So I have chosen to answer your questions I have seen thus far as how will I address those things rather than how the church will because I think history and experience tells me the response within the church community will be as varied as political parties…but I love the thought provokingness of the questions and intend to try to answer each of them with what is my response to be and how would father have me answer each one.

H Scott Stimson I personally many years ago started giving to the congregation by calling them out prophetically and then putting money into their hands 20s, 50’s,100’s even a 1000 all through prophetic demonstration my vision is to some day be able to pay off someones mortgage buy them a new car someone I don’t know, but all by the Spirit.


  • Traci Thompson Lucas Amen. I long for the day we are truly all sons and exuding pure religion. Pure and undefined, taking care of the orphans and widows. God bless the orphans, oh that shakes me to my very core!
  • Traci Thompson Lucas Undefiled not undefined, i meant. autocorrect is not in tune with the word obviously. Lol
  • Kathy Tanner I believe the church needs to take her rightful place and Sons of God take their rightful place in the earth. Where are we when people are hungry naked and need shelter or anything else my God the world turns out in droves when there is a disaster so come on church
  • Todd Weber thank you for posting this one Scott…Acts 2 40-47, Acts 4 32-37
  • Stephanie King My favorite question and an issue The Lord has given me an assignment to bring attention to. The churches have become so far removed from the ministry of Jesus and that is where the true problem lies. So much waste on extravagant decorations, Starbucks and muffins for members (who by the way aren’t the ones who need food for the day) and lush traveling accommodations for Pastors…lets not even talk about the $40,000 in church funds used to pay prominent Pastors a speaking fee. Now all of that money could have been used to go out into the community and feed, clothe and help those in need. THAT is what Jesus would have done. And it is not just the “church” building per say that has this problem. As everyday Christians we too have forgotten to live like Christ and be good stewards with the money GOD gives us to bless others. Every single one of us are supposed to care for the poor, widow and orphaned. WE ARE the church,…even when we leave that building on Sunday. Would love to have you all join us in the Be a Blessing challenge
  • Tina Warren Thank you brother!!! True words….I love it!!!!! When I was looking for a job and had lost my home my pastors took me and my daughter in for a time to get apps out and hooked me up with a wonderful lady who took a chance on me and rented us a place : )
  • Clint Smith I believe we have an opportunity here in the USA to change the way many think about the poverty. First, let me say that in my opinion national or corporate poverty is a bigger issue than individual poverty. Jesus said some thought they had become wealthy and had need of nothing and did not even know that they themselves were wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. The poverty Jesus was speaking about was due to a deficit of relationship with, faith in and dependency upon Him. I think we suffer this kind of poverty in the USA on a national level and many congregations do so corporately as well. In terms of the widows, orphans and downcast, I do see many in the church (and out of the “church”) who are quick to lend a hand – usually it is those who have realized the personal satisfaction that comes with it. However, I would encourage those of the church whenever we do reach out to others, to do so in the name of love or in the name of Jesus rather than in the name of “XYZ Ministries”. Let our charity toward others testify of Christ’s love and charity toward us and not be a tool to market our doctrines, our “church” or our way of life. Many times the decision to build a bigger building or add another program is justified, in our minds, because it will cause our “impact” to become more widespread, so we say the end justifies the means – but it usually doesn’t. Jesus’ love is simple, powerful and direct – it does not require a 10 year strategy to implement.

2 thoughts on “What About The Poor And The Extravagant Ministries?

  1. Regarding this comment you made:
    H Scott Stimson I personally many years ago started giving to the congregation by calling them out prophetically and then putting money into their hands 20s, 50′s,100′s even a 1000 all through prophetic demonstration my vision is to some day be able to pay off someones mortgage buy them a new car someone I don’t know, but all by the Spirit.

    I don’t know if you remember, but about eight years ago you did this to me. I’d gone to the service heartbroken because my grandmother had passed away. I didn’t tell anyone that I couldn’t afford to go to the funeral because it was so far away, but at the end of the service you asked me to stand, put some money in my hand, totally “read my mail” and people started coming and adding to it. By the end of the service I had enough to go to my grandmother’s funeral. Of course, by the time I got back you had long since gone home, and I never got to tell you what a blessing that was to me, what a comfort it was to be able to celebrate her life along with my family. So thank you, that meant the world to me!

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