Why Do Some Ministry Feel They Are Exempt From Getting Into The Trenches Where People Are Hurting?

#8 –Why is it that some leaders/ Pastors feel like they are exempt from getting down in the trenches and visiting the homeless, sick and elderly in nursing homes or cancer hospitals, why do some seem to be untouchable like a celebrity.


  • Kimberly Black ~ Maybe there’s some deception in some parts of the Body.

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  • Steven Moffett SOME DECEPTIONS……

  • Cindy Lou Brown Deceptions at work…

  • Terry Crisp Scott, I believe the answer to that lies in the fact that that’s exactly how many of them see themselves…(as celebrities). I’ve known some who even have their own personal bodyguards, to prevent folks from getting too close to them!

  • I ask myself that all the time!!!!


  • Kimberly Black ~ No, no….Let’s not cast sideways stones. There are different and varying troubles and issues in different parts of the Body….different “tribes”, more than various networks. The Holy Spirit has THE ANSWER to these questions …..Take heed what you hear, and Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  • Kenneth Wayne Tamburelli I know a Pastor who Is that like, he says hes not a “people person”, I find that funny

  • Roxanne Jess King Worshipping the church leaders has got to end. Jesus spit and made mud in His hand to heal the blind

  • Charles Hodnett If Jesus had armed body guards, a posse and a limo for transport to his next speaking engagement would he have went to the cross? Would he build the kingdom or an empire? Would he wear a pointy hat and have the mere laity kiss his ring? It’s been said that a politician looks only to the next election but a statesman to the next generation, has the ministerial elite become nothing more than politicians? A few questions of my own

  • Sibuor L Simba ·

    Jesus Christ our master served his disciples by washing their foot

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  • Tony Pannell Question, Where do we find in the scriptures, the pattern for leadership in the church that we have today? The pastor is the leader in most church’s that we see today. There were Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers who were given for a particular purpose.(more to this scripture) I can’t help wonder how we ended up with the Pastor as the one that most people look to as the leadership in the church. The way we do church services today, is it the way that God has told us to structure and organize or is it what we have been taught by our predecessors or even tradition? Not trying to stir contention or cause problems, just trying to find answers.

  • Jim Taylor Some of the time it is because the “pastor” is trying to fit into a roll defined by the church and has not found his identity in Jesus yet. He’s trying to do the ‘pastoral’ things tradition has identified but does not know his real place in the body or how it flows in the Spirit.

  • Tony Pannell Been enjoying reading your questions and post. Been refreshing. Thanks Scott keep it up.

  • Tony Pannell Confession. Was a time when I thought I had all the answers. Now I think I have more questions than there are answers! lol

  • Tina Warren Because celebrities are worshiped and the riches of the world are thrown at their feet….their hearts list after the world instead of JESUS!!

  • David R Huskins I don’t want to judge why another person does or does not do the things you mentioned as it relates to outreach and the trenches but again just speak for myself…I have found the greatest joy often times in those places where many don’t want to go: prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, etc. when I go I find they often minister to me more than I minister to them. I go because I love people but I also do not want to judge those who don’t go because truthfully maybe some of them are training saints to do the work of the ministry and not just depending on “the leadership” and if so then that can be productive and good. I also don’t want to judge what a minister needs or doesn’t need by way of transportation or protection because I know some who have tremendous hearts for people but because their ministry has grown to a point of public recognition if they were to do all the visitation etc. they would never have a moments rest and because they are recognized their families have come under threat and attack in this modern violent world I don’t blame some for having bodyguards for protection after the events of the Colorado church shooting and


  • David R Huskins and the killing of several of the pastors in our Nigerian churches. I do understand that evil has to sometimes be prepared for and that in some places and situations could require protection. I have been in situations that I think it made sense to have protection.

  • Tina Warren Paul went out and built the church on faith alone…he didn’t have first class places and travel…in most cases he worked at a job so he wouldn’t be a burden on the local body….I love that man as a humble servant of God and can’t wait to meet him one day…

  • David R Huskins and concerning transportation Jesus on the Donkey with his feet on the colt was equivalent to more than a limo. I salute those who are blessed to have great vehicles and for many understand why they need even planes…the question is can you still walk when necessary. For me I have been driven in limos, walked miles, rode horesback, and pushed old cars that couldn’t go but a few miles at a time without breaking down…but the vehicle never made me or changed me…I pray my heart is the same on foot as it is on a plane or limo or horse. Relate to all men everywhere is my aim.

  • Tina Warren Your protection should be the Lord….how many of our fellow christians have NOTHING but belief in Christ and love of God….not armed guards….they are DYING for JESUS!!!!!!!

  • Tina Warren I understand we may need protection by means of weapons but we must remember we wrestle not against flesh and blood

  • David R Huskins a murderer coming into a house with intent to kill even scripturally has the right to be stopped. As recently when a gunman opened fire in a local church wounding three and killing one.

  • Tina Warren True that my brother…I agree…but you armed is one thing…hired guns…well that’s another…I should stand my ground alone…and I do : )

  • David R Huskins I want to be clear that I do have security on the grounds of our church because we have a school and people that have indeed been threatened and attacked in the past because of our willingness to accept all people into our midst so I feel as the leaderresponsible I cannot be on the grounds all the time to “stand ground” for all those children but I do intend to protect them so yes I have hired guns to do the job and unapologetically.

  • Tina Warren I hear that…to but to protect the helpless and vulnerable…but ur man enough to protect YOURSELF : ) that’s what I’m saying…

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  • Tina Warren Many have them to protect themselves and their families….I applaud that u do that for your congregation…right on!!!

  • Becky LeBlanc Roberts I live in a small town and belonged to a local church for several years. I grew spiritually and have many great memories, unfortunately the Pastor and several members of this church have this mentality. One incident in particular; during the evening services we would dim the lights in the sanctuary begin to worship and wait on the Holy Spirit. I loved these services, the presence of The Lord was amazing. One night a young boy walked in the church. He walked straight up to our Pastor and said his Grandpa was blind and couldn’t make it up the stairs but wanted to speak with her. She went outside with the boy, the Grandpa asked for help (money) to buy food, she turned them away because she smelled alcohol on his breath, it broke my heart. After several years of experiencing this elitist mentality and watching the “super” spiritual transformation of this Pastor when we had a guest speaker, I left the church. My take on it is this …..For I say to every man that is among you, through the grace given unto me, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think. Romans 12:3

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