Is It A Social Club Or A Local Church?

#20 There has been a trend on being church friendly among spirit filled groups dress anyway you desire get the people in and get them out no prophesy, no healing of the sick, no body life you only hear from the band and speaker it normally consist of 20 minutes of praise singing, 30 minutes of teaching or motivational speaking offerings and announcements. Should this be considered a local church or a social club with good works?


David R Huskins I think people will go where they are accepted and feel comfortable UNTIL they learn to be led where to go by Holy Spirit. I know God can use any place for a season in someones life especially if what they need most is social involvement. For me I am most at home in a place where presence is manifested and Holy Spirit is allowed to flow freely. So I personally am not interested in altering where I am at home to allow people to feel more at home than HIM. I want HIM to be at home in my midst. So that is my passion but I am glad there are places for people to get their “social fix” while they develop a hunger for more and a hunger for transformation.

David R Huskins If we recognize that the church can be in a cathedral, or storefront, home group, or jail cell then I have to assume it can also be in these settings but the question is really can one grow and mature beyond social life in this setting…I doubt it. But also think it could be a call for those of us who are only consumed with gifts, presence, worship, and word to realize just how much many are needing social activity. So maybe we can somehow find away to each bless the other.

H Scott Stimson I think the local church should pattern herself after the heavenly church meaning that is our standard. We are one body in a specific location every culture and nation would be diverse yet the same as the body of Christ, I think in an ideal way there should be all of the body of Christ in a city meeting from house to house and then come together into one place and give of their time talent and treasure for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth, they worship commune hear instruction and teaching from leaders that being ministry gifts and functional gifts we should also be ministering daily as the church to those who are without to the poor, those on the streets, healing the sick leading people to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and we should do this as a body. As the church we should be submitted fully to the headship of Jesus with sign wonders and miracles we should have deep love but a holy respect for the Lordship of Jesus Christ and honor those he has sent to us which is for our our spiritual growth. everyone should be doing the work of the ministry.

Donald W Lewis 

Unfortunately or fortunately, as you grow in spirit. The social outlets, such as bars and clubs lose their interest and the church or church groups become your social place. I think churches keeping it so formal turn more away in today’s society than attracts. Christians should feel more socially accepted at church than in the world. Do I feel some traditions should be kept? Yes, although I also feel the church should continue to grow with the times as well. The message doesn’t change but the generations do.

Roger Hutchins Scott, I am concerned that we are in a time when church leaders find it more profitable to feed the soulish rather that the spirit man. The emphasis has gone from building the spirit man and maturing the saints to simply growing greater numbers. The hunger and thrust for righteousness has been spoiled, much like eating junk food spoils ones apatite for real food, junk food preaching spoils the apatite for words of Spirit and Life. May we once again hunger for a life giving flow that will cause signs to follow.

  • Stephanie King Social club….and 99% don’t even have the good works to go along. But they do have great gourmet coffee you can drink while in service! Lol :0D

    Jonathan Rutledge I really don’t feel it has anything to do with dress anyway you desire to get the people in. I really do feel that many of the so called church places has become the norm of same ole singers and preachers at conferences its like you scratch my back I scatch yours. Not saying that these churches are bad because great things are happening but I do feel like they have become a social club. While there are great preachers and singers, there are still preachers and singers that may not be of the status quoa that has something to say or offer.

  • Denise Parkison God is on a schedule these days . . .must be out on time. . . must beat the crowd to lunch. move, move, move the second service is about to begin!

  • Pamela Stallworth been there, done that. Church is changing now

  • Melinda Nelson I always thought it was the offerings first.
  • Moses Iyobhebhe It’s a social Church with local club membership. Pressure Cooker style, boil over, but offends no one nor the devil.
  • Joel Thornhill I hear some churches offset this with life groups where they focus on the more meaningful tasks of meeting the needs of the people outside the traditional service thing. Not agreeing with your preface Scott, but others find a way to have their cake and eat it too. Church should have substantive purposes first. Doing that by which Christ instilled us to do above all things. But if your family is the church then there is no harm in enjoying one another socially. We can’t be too stiff. It could be at your next pot luck dinner that a guest may find their way to Christ. Sounds like old time gucky churchy saying that, but hey, so what.
  • Rocky Walker Scott I wish you quit holding back and asked some questions that would cause everyone to think.
  • Rocky Walker Social club with good works!!! Come on Scott say what you really mean! lol
  • H Scott Stimson LOL add some to it Rocky I have 5 more to go..
  • Loving Unity church and healing and love are wherever the people are…and they assemble in the Silent Presence, whether on a hillside with Jesus or by a river with Lydia or in homes, breaking bread. God is in us, not in buildings built with hands. So, wherever the Lights of God are gathered in Spirit, this is where the healing is and the realization is that I and my Father are one. All else is ego’s organization–i.e. antichrist. The answer is neither of those are church.
  • Ruth Sutterfield we are the church the living temple of God and i believe that politics, usery, favortism of the wealthy does not belong in the church no more than gossip,judgementalism ,or fake doctrines. If you are going to cuss ,smoke , drink,gossip,or any of the other deadly sins then what separates you from the rest of the world .I believe it says in the bible that we are to separate ourselves and become wholly before man and God
  • Ruth Sutterfield so true buildings, having the biggest congregation, the largest income, and being the biggest people pleaser seems to be more important than the spirit of God being in amongst his people
  • Marilyn Woods · Friends with Rita Smith and 13 others

    amen!!!! It is not about numbers!!!!

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