What About All Of The Sick People In The Church?

#23 — Within the church we have a lot of sick people yet we teach and practice healing, we have many crying out who are addicted to prescription medicines, many who keep waiting for healing but still not receiving.. How do we get the church into a place of receiving healing emotionally and physically? is there keys to unlock this ministry in the church and of course to take his power every where.



David R Huskins I have witnessed so many factors that hinder us from sometimes receiving but I have also witnessed such an increase in the number of healing’s that are manifested. I do think medicine is killing many of us. One thing I think about is when Adam believed a lie it took hundreds of years for him to actually die so it may take us some time to actually manifest the truth once it is believed. We are undoing the lie. And for me God is dealing with me a lot about the fact that it is not so much praying for the healing or miracle as it is realizing the healing and miracle that is already there and getting it to manifest. One thing is sure condemnation is a huge reason many are not healed … we must undo the idea that it depends on us.

Jackie Hyatt Lacy Amen David! I agree, condemnation and shame which is rooted in sin conscientiousness is the root/belief/lie that keeps many from believing & receiving healing. It is only the preaching of the gospel, the truth of the finished work that destroys the lie. We are seeing more miracles manifest in, through & among us as a result! Signs/manifestation follows those who believe.

Ronald Smith I believe one of the keys to wholeness is for the church to understand emotions and how they can effect us physically, and how Jesus heals the broken heart, or soul by His grace and truth. I have seen physical healing come on the wings of emotional healing. Another key is for the church to suspend all judgement toward those who have addictions and other problems and create an atmosphere of love to release healing, and to remember that condemnation is a faith killer. We must help them see Christ and who they really are and have in Him.

Gregg Wilson We are doing well with the bread(knowledge) the wine(understanding) is where light is needed.

Stephen Polansky Not to be condemning or judgemental, and in no way is that intended here, as I think it comes down to a matter of trust…individually. When the Lord reveals something to us and we receive it immeadiately (like a child) then we start to question, analyze and rip it apart for our “own” understanding. Often done with the intent to be shared corporately. Then that revelation is something less from what the Lord intended and is not of Him at that point. WE either grow in the light of that revelation or depart and go in the light of our interpretation of that revelation. ie John 6:66…please don’t make more of that # other than the scripture reference intended. See how freaky it can get?…in our minds.

Jim Taylor We see miracles here a lot. And yet there are those who do not get healed. I can’t explain it and I don’t understand it .. but we don’t let it stop us.

Marilyn Woods · Friends with Rita Smith and 13 others

Yes it is a matter of trust!!! We do not always get what we want- we get what God sees best for our situation!!! That has been my life story! I hAVE SEEN FAITH MOVE MOUNTAINS (ESPECIALLY IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES) AND i HAVE SEEN MEN WITH MUCH FAITH WHOM WANTED TO LIVE DIE! We have to trust in either situation!

Crickett Green After seeing many people healed from every kind of sickness, disease or malady in 3rd world countries, I often wonder why we do not see this movement of the spirit here in the USA. I believe people are hindering the spirit.

Marco MC Marully Situngkir When we start to make changes in our life that contribute to our spiritual and emotional well-being, our body will change,,, I am sure that change is not about healing emotionally alone, but it also physically and spiritually.

  • James B Gass God is interested in our whole spirit soul and body 1rst Thess 5:23

  • John Nyamu For one to receive healing power there be total faith

  • Prayerlessnes weakens our communion with God, Christians would rather pay u n pray 4 them than them pray. Healing is found in the maker.

  • Luke Tabu Toney 

    creating an atmosphere of miracles is important, our body is the temple of the Holy spirit, bt we’ve never made it gd enough for His Habitation, hence miracles becomes a nightmare.

  • Luke Tabu Toney · 

    God already did it for us, by His stripes we were healed, He sent forth His word to Heal, what have we done in return?

  • Marilee Osborn Only believe which means to count as true what God says and you shall receive what you ask for whether it is healing, finances, relationships, etc. Jesus couldn’t heal unless they believed! We have what we say, life and death is in the power of the tongue, We need to train our mouths to line up with the word of God.

  • Effie Rose Ben hey that was what i was jus telling my sister inlaw Praise the Lord yes they should be healed!we are the body whom the Holy Spirit resides the power to heal has been paid for time to step out and do something about it !! amen!

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