What About The Present Ecclesiastical Order Compared To The Early Church?

#21 How come we don’t see the present ecclesiastical order in the early church that we see today such as pews pulpits steeples the cross etc.etc. or do we? How come we don’t see the titles given to the early ministry of the church or do we like Evangelist, Apostle, Bishop, Prophet ? Where did liturgical clothing come from and is it necessary for today or is it just a matter of preference? is this just an issue to distract or is it important?




  • David R Huskins In my opinion we see the titles in the Bible but not the “order” because it was never so much to be an order as it was a job description or function. I believe the function got twisted not the title itself. As for pews, pulpits, and steeples…etc I think they became symbols and when appreciated have value to those who respect it but are not required not necessary but certainly should be celebrated if one so chooses as symbols such as a serpent on a pole was in the Old Covenant or the temple was in the Old/New.

  • David R Huskins As pertaining to clothing liturgical or otherwise I don’t think it makes the person the person makes it. If one is clothed with humility and righteousness then a t shirt or a robe will be equally liturgical. To the person who is given or bestowed with an attire by another then it is important or has value to them but when the attire is overemphasized then it loses value, honor, and relevance. I don’t think we should be distracted by attire and clothing liturgical or otherwise. I have seen God move with people with t shirt and jeans and yes with people with robes and collars…God favors neither above the other nor does HE abhor one above the other in my opinion. Tie, t shirt, robe, collar, dress, or some other outfit be clothed in HIM above all else is my prayer and then no one should notice anything other than HIM.

    Dennis Anderson The early Churches teaching and preaching was on a dialog level and today’s Church is more monolog, they went from house to house sharing meals together just to name a few differences. They really didn’t focus on there titles, that was simply there gifting’s and callings to the Body of Christ. Today we get all caught up on things like numbers, titles, styles of teaching, preaching, new methods and ways for Church growth, and programs, more ways to keep them, and entertainment. Much different than the early Church!

    Bill Benninghoff We are all equal as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are all standing in the grace of God. (Romans 5:1) We have different functions in the body of Christ according to the different gifts given to us, but we are all beloved by the Father and we are equal in value and importance to God and to one another. Jesus alone is the Head of the Body. We each need to follow his directions. Each gift is vital to the building up of the body. There are no offices, only functions. The function of preaching and teaching is no more vital than the function of helps or of hospitality. It is only as all the gifts function together that the Body of Christ will come into true maturity. In most churches only a small number of people know what their gift is, much less are functioning in it. This problem lies with those gifted to function as leaders and equippers in the Body. Leaders are to help people find their gift and make room for them to function in their gift

    David R Huskins liturgy by definition is a prescribed order or way of conducting service and was first used by Greeks to describe how public servants should carry out their duties…it just means script or something to see as we carry out our duties. it became a term used to describe churches that use visual symbols as vital to their worship.

    • Todd Weber i don’t see liturgy used in the word of God…to me it is Catholic and or Pagan

      Gregg Wilson Hahahaha Catholicism…………

      • No it is not necessary, Yes it is a distraction. Everyone running round trying to find their gift or capacity, none seeming to be taught……as He is so are we. There simply are not different levels of men or spirit. We need not only know what…..we believe, but Why. Much of the why is handed down tradition and wrong……still is. This shows even in our speech. Now all my loving family….don’t none y’all get angry with me. We are surnamed Christ. That is about it. We are all He is, says Him. We each have all giftings and apt to operate in several capacities, apostle, prophet, teacher, etc.
        We don’t pull a prophet out the box when needed, nor do any conjuring. We should be on Monday, just like Sunday. If we ain’t, when is Christ seen?

      • Todd Weber isnt’t liturgy a catholic term?


    • Krista France Frank Viola answers this (and almost all your other questions posted) in his writings. Pagan Christianity, Reimagining Church, Finding Organic Church, From Eternity to Here, etc., etc., etc.





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