Principles of No Sweat

Principles of No Sweat:

Ezekiel 44:15-18

This is concerning priest Zadok he made three separations that stands out, When David was anointed as King he left Saul and stood with David, When Absalom the son of David betrayed his father he stood with David, When Adonijah the other son of David presumed he should be King instead of Solomon Zadok stood with David.

The other priest ministered to the people, but did so with idols however the sons of Zadok ministered to the Lord.

This to you and I represent our beliefs (Saul) our reputation (Absalom) and our will (Adonijah) what we think want and feel these things become idols in our lives that we separate from in order to enter in to that place of rest called No Sweat.

Sweat is self-effort it is the result of laboring under the sun which is human wisdom, the Christ life is effortless because He already paid for it all, this is life in the son which is divine wisdom…

(1) Self effort is the result of needing personal

(2) The more we sweat the less the results.

(3) Faith always comes from a posture of rest if we
are sweating we are not resting.

(4) God is going to either do it all through grace in us or not at

(5) Divine transferal; God works while we rest this
is what it means to be a co-laborer with Him.

(4) Our first responsibility is to respond to Him in

(5) Old Covenant mentality is this if you will I will, The New Covenant is that He has declared an
eternal “I Will”

(6) Another died in Our Place now another must live in
our place.

(7) If He is the one doing the work then why are we so

Finally today; Let us take off all the problems that
make us sweat everything He does is the result of
what He has already done.

H Scott Stimson

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