19 thoughts on “Itinerary”

  1. i will keep pray in LORDs presence for near future Indian trip to Glorify LORDs name in between HINDUS, We Love to Honour you in Jesus name, we keep ask LORDs to permit you to visit India for His Glory. iam sure if you start pray, sure LORD will ask you to visit. Thanks for your kind prayers for us to Bring many souls to LORDs way.

  2. Praying for 14th Preaching at Dallas Texas, I will ask LORD to touch every heart with HIS mighty word of GOD, when you start preach the Holy Spirit will anoint everyone with HIS mighty Power for HIS Glory. Amen, Amen, Amen.

  3. Hi Scott, my wife and I met you one winter in Edmonton some years ago, probably around November 2004. Anyway, since meeting you we went back to South Africa in 2005 and then onto Australia in 2006, now living Calgary and interested in meeting up again. Your itinerary shows you in Alberta for March, will you be visiting Calgary by any chance?

    Thanks, God bless……Preston

  4. Was in Clinton the week before you were there. Wish I would have checked your itinerary and I would have extended my visit. We so enjoyed the message you delivered in Miami and are now living in that Truth.

  5. Thank you for these comments on ” SEED” . Do you have any more teaching on this ? If so, how could I access them ? Thank you for your ministry.

    Was listening to a word you gave me back in the 90s, still the favorite one I have ever recieved, About being a Mountaineer , I had s series of prophetic dreams about that just a couple of years ago where I was handed the keys to the vault within the heart of the mountain.

  7. Hi Appostle Scott. I have been to a few of your services and they were great. The awesome pure word of God is proceeding from you. I am presenlt looking to relocate to your area and I would like to attend your church if possible. I may come for a visit prior to relocating. I am looking to be in your area in September.

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