About This Ministry


H. Scott Stimson  is a seasoned apostolic and prophetic voice to the nations with over 30 years experience in travelling to much of the United States, Canada, Central America, Mexico, South Africa, Northern Nigeria and Haiti.

Many people have witnessed Signs,wonders and miracles through this ministry, personal ministry has come to thousands, and thousands of others have testified to being healed by the power of God.

Dr. Stimson is known as a man of the word, wisdom and compassion always seeking to make the complex clear while showing sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Scott is passionate about declaring God’s acceptance and love for us all, and he believes that grace is much greater than our failures, shortcomings, and weakness.

He has spoken and speaks at hundreds of churches, conferences, teaching seminars, business groups, home meetings, and extended revival services.


2 thoughts on “About This Ministry”

  1. Hi Brother Stimson. You visited our church, Heritage Christian Church, in Menifee, CA January 16-17th, 2016. You gave a prophetic word over every leader at our leadership meeting held on a Saturday at our church office.
    You knew we were believing God to get involved with building a permanent bldg. on the property but costs are astronomical in California.
    We have a bldg. fund started but with our small congregation we will hardly be able to pay for permits so God will have to intervene in a big way. There have been so many prophecies over the yrs. we do think He will. The location is good. We are in our late 60’s and plan to pass the “baton” to our son whom God is raising up. Do you remember what you said to Pastor Jim and me (Char his wife)? You said several things but one was that God had the money in a vault in Los Angeles. (wow!) And that something would come along that looks like it’s from God but is not. But that God will open the doors Himself etc etc. We got a call from a lady asking Jim’s vision and plans for the church project, and many detailed questions about the projected costs, architectural plans, etc. This woman has visited the church a few times over a few yrs. but wasnt pretending to be the one to make this happen but was taking notes as if to tell someone else. The implication was that “whoever” may provide this miracle. Hope sprung up for a minute cuz there are alot of God stories out there concerning church bldgs. Then I think, I think, I think, I remember you saying there would first be one that will not really be God’s doings. I am wondering if that is her inquiry out of the blue. Do you happen to remember saying that? I certainly do not EXPECT it of you, but thought I would take a long shot and ask anyway. Jim doesn’t remember that part. But it nags me. The verse that says hope deferred makes the heart sick is my struggle, it seems so long to not finally be able to build on this land. We planted the church 13 yrs. ago, and have rented but had to leave that location because they wanted to start holding same sex wedding receptions. We took that stand, put stuff in storage and are portable again. Setting up and taking down has a tendancy to wear people out (only our worship team is younger) and like a giant step back, to be portable again. There are oodles of new born again churches in Menifee and all around 75-175 people. More chiefs than there are Indians to grow with. (and of course one Calvary mega church). Thank you for your “recall” if you have it. Smile.

    1. Hi Char, it is great to hear from you I had a wonderful time with you Jim and the church. I remember the word I think I would just expect God to work out the details but I do remember saying there would be something that would come first but that may have happened before the present situation with this lady.. I would say just rest and let it come to you. Blessings Scott

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