Perfection or Excellence

Heb. 10:14    For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

The above scripture points out that those in Christ Jesus have already been perfected through the work of the cross. (We are now a perfect people in an imperfect life)

Christ is the perfect one in us He is the perfect  father, mother, child, employer, employee, leader, worshiper etc…. He is all and in all living out His will in our lives.

Many today struggle with being a perfectionist while they are really seeking to be a person of excellence.

                A perfectionist—————————–A person of excellence

1—Sets standards beyond reach and reason.—— Sets high standards that make them stretch.

2–Is never satisfied by anything less than perfection—————–Learn’s to enjoy the journey as well as the outcome.

3.–Sees mistakes as evidence of unworthiness——————— Sees mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning.

4–Becomes dysfunctional, and depressed when they experience failure—–They  bounce back quickly with energy and vision.

5–Can become overly defensive when criticized———————————Welcomes criticism and responds positively.

6–Is preoccupied with fear of failure and disapproval——————————Uses fear of failure to create motivation.

7-Becomes very angry when things do not go as expected —– —————-Re-position’s themselves to become more effective.

Scott Stimson Sr.

One thought on “Perfection or Excellence

  1. Thank you Pastor Scott. 🙂 So important in so many areas, but when I think in particular of worship ministry, these truths are so powerful. The difference is almost painfully obvious here.. I’ve done worship with some (including myself here) that have little to no training, sometimes very little talent as well, and it’s just a JOY to worship with them. They are just so genuine in their love of the Lord. Other times, (and I’d have to include myself here as well at times), we can get so hung up on performance, it becomes almost a stench in the nostrils. The music may have been incredible, but completely devoid of joy and nothing even closely resembling anointed worship. More like a concert.. My favorite person ever to worship with was a gentleman with such a willing heart. Couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a wheelbarrow, but he just wanted more Jesus, and it showed so much, that you rarely even noticed that he was off the beat. A total delight to everyone in the room. I’ve often pictured in my spirit, the Father watching, just like how sometimes I’ll walk into my daughters room and find her making up little songs and singing them to herself. She’s all over the place. There’s no real melody, half of the words don’t even make sense, but she’ll have me in tears. She’s beautiful. I think he does that too, so I’d rather make a JOYFUL noise, any day!

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