Jesus A Friend Of Sinners

In Luke 7:34-35     Jesus said that because He enjoyed life  (J.B. Phillips translation),  He was called a friend of tax-collectors and sinners;   He answers this by saying wisdom will be vindicated by those who are the children of wisdom meaning that our life and our deeds will speak for themselves.
7 things we need to know about becoming a friend of sinners according to religious standards.
1——Understand that God’s purpose is not to get the world into the church, but the church into the world. The church that Jesus builds is the instrument of the kingdom of God in the earth.
( Mt.5:14-16 )
2——-Understand God’s ownership of the planet. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof;   the world and ALL they who dwell there in. Ps 24:1
3——- Understand the difference between separate and separated.  We can be separate from the world without being separated (2 Cor.6:17)  When we are delivered from the world, that is from its control and binding influence we can than be sent to the world. (Acts 26:17)
4——-See them as already saved and love them in their present condition not trying to change them or manipulate them into what we want them to do or be, but show them Jesus by showing them mercy.   (Epe.2:4-5)
5——-By identifying with them as Jesus identified with us, then showing them respect, anyone we don’t respect will be repelled from our life those we do respect we will draw.   (Jn.8:3-11)
6——-By knowing the power of God over all flesh; light is greater then darkness, life is greater then death.  Be a people lifter give them hope and help!  (Jn.3:17)
7——-By learning to communicate with people who don’t think, talk, or act like us,maybe they are not religious, but they are probably blinded by religion “Note”  The entire book of Esther was written without any reference to God yet He is found all through the book.
(1 Cor.14:23)

Scott Stimson Sr

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