Isa. 41:10 “Fear not for I am with thee, be not dismayed for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, I will help thee and uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”
The real cure for fear is to understand we died at the cross with him, this will free us from tormenting fear with the understanding that when Jesus died we died; with this understanding we find our liberty in Christ, and then we will find healing for our emotions from the root of these unhealthy fears.
5 Reasons not to fear:
(1)    I AM WITH THEE– when the Lord says He is with us it means He guards us, keeps us, His eye follows us, and He causes us to prosper. (Gen. 39:1-5)  He has declared He will never leave us nor forsake us.
(2) I AM THY GOD– He who is all powerful, everywhere, all knowing, all wise God, has said He belongs to us through relationship and that we can trust HIM.
(3) I WILL STRENGTHEN THEE– harden to difficulties Amp.; He has said He will make us tough, strong immovable; We will no longer be afraid of confrontation, failure, spiritual darkness, or what people say or do ( I will strengthen thee)
 (4)  I WILL HELP THEE– I will come to your aid, assist you as you go forward; I will get underneath you and make you to stand; I will prop you up until your strength comes.
(5) I WILL UPHOLD THEE– with the right hand of My righteousness, this is to make us firm and unwaivering in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus; In the knowledge that we have been acquitted, found not guilty by the blood of Christ and that He stands “for” and “in” us.
Scott Stimson Sr.

4 thoughts on “” 5 REASONS NOT TO FEAR”

  1. Pls pray for me about been anxious. Because I know from the Bible that we should not be anxious of anyrhing.

    I am expecting jobs from two companies in which I shall choose the best out of these two jobs. Please pray along with me.

    Thank you.

    God bleassed.

  2. I was writing a post today about not giving up, and found your link. I am recently medically disabled, and reading about reasons not to fear, even though I know God is with me, helps me to get through this particular hardship, and make the best of my life forward. Great read for me today. Thank you. Kathryn

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