It Is Not -It Is

In our spiritual walk with God we go through a process of elimination We find out what is not and what is.
 It is not in religion———-It is in relationship.
 It is not in dogmas————It is sound doctrine.  
 Its not in a message———It is in a person. 
 It is not in a sermon———-It is in a life.  
 It is not in a truth——–It is in the truth. 
 It is not in a building——–It is in a people. 
 It is not in a great escape—-It is in a great takeover. 
 It is not in good singing——It is in praise and worship. 
 It is not in tradition———It is in vision.  
 It is not in preaching———It is in impartation.  
 It is not in rituals & ceremony—It is in the joy of life.  
 It is not in how many———-It is in how much.  
 It is not in race or gender—-It is in whosoever will. 
 It is not in going to church—It is that we are the church. 
 It is not about our ministry——-It is about His kingdom
 It is not about believing God——-It is about knowing His heart.
 It is not trying to build—–It is manifesting a reality. 
 It is not about doing————It is about being. 
 It is not in a title——–It is in humility.  
 It is not in bondage———–It is in liberty. 
 It is not in the approval of men————It is in the pleasure of the Lord. 
 It is not about us———–It is about Him. 
 It is not what we do for God———-It is about what He will do through us. 
 It is not about making our point——– it is about touching somebody with the Love of Jesus. 
  It is not what the devil is doing———–It is what Jesus has already done.  
  It is not about sin———-It is about the cross the cure for sin.   
  Scott Stimson Sr.

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