10 Different Kinds Of Prophesy

It is important that all prophesy flow out of an understanding of the finished work of Christ and by the spirit of grace.

It should be uplifting and exalting of the lordship of Jesus Christ it should not be focused on the individual that is giving it, nor focused on a particular group a culture or a geographical location that would be enthusiasm of the soul but not the purity of the Holy Spirit.    

10 different kinds of prophesy:

(1)   Elementary—-Simple utterance to edify exhort and comfort—or build up stir up, and cheer up.  1 Cor12:10

(2)   General—–To the whole body in general….For the same reason as #1

(3)   Personal—-To a certain individual or Individuals

(4)   Predictive—Predicts the future  “Example you will go to Africa” or in 2012 this that or the other will happen we should go back over these predictions made and see if they came to pass.

(5)   Directive—-Gives specific direction    “Example go to Africa”  This should only be done with full accountability and full responsibility for what we say.

(6)   Judgmental— Renders righteous judgment……….Very Rare flows from a people who are walking in Covenant in the presence of apostles and prophets Acts 5

(7)   Poetic—-utterance that rhymes or is given as poetry.

(8)   Written—–prophesy inspired in writing not contradicting the written word but an expression very needed.

(9)  Creative—–utterance that decrees something that is not yet revealed to cause it to be manifested.

(10)  Song of the Lord and Song of Praise—- a spiritual song from the Lord to His people for the purpose of bringing them into rest or a response to His rest     (2 Chor.29:27)

Scott Stimson Sr.

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