Removing Mental Barriers

Eph.4:23-And be renewed in the spirit (attitude) of your mind;

It is one thing to have our mind renewed and another thing to have the spirit of our mind renewed the source of our thoughts and belief system.

1– Live out of your potential because there we are empowered by the life of God most people find themselves living out of negative self -opinion based on past experiences, hurts, abuses, failures and as a result of this unconsciously self sabotage.

2–Eliminate excuses for not being more productive, excuses blind us from finding solutions to problems, shut off our creativity, and are normally nothing more than a lack of desire.

(3)–Build a positive orderly environment take one step to an ordered life every day, identify the things that intimidate us from being organized while at the same time remove clutter from your life.

(4)— Control what you eat spiritually mentally and physically, It is true we are what we eat our eating can effect everything so shut the doors of abusive foods that cause us to feel sluggish and irritable, in all areas create a habit of eating healthy.

(5)—Make your closest friends the people who inspire you and challenge you to live out of your potential,  the law of association says walk with the wise and you will be wise, but if you walk with the foolish you will be destroyed by that foolishness.

Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.Pro.13:20

(6)—Thankfulness is the cure for negativity give thanks “in” everything!  We can train our self to see the good and the positive things in life and our thoughts will be focused on the greater truth’s of light life and divine solutions then we will be filled with understanding in all things.

(7)– Decide to live in excellence instead of mediocrity this will release the grace of God to destroy mental barriers that keep us from fulfilling divine purpose.

God sees and speaks to our potential that is the Christ within us not to our self opinion.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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