Finding Someone Special


“Surpassing what is common or usual; Exceptional:”

S—–Spiritually Compatible—-Fellowship and true intimacy is the craving of the soul, it comes from understanding and knowing that you are spiritually moving in the same direction.

P—–Physically Compatible—–You are not just spiritual beings there should be the physical attraction as well, and the desire to be presentable to the other.

E—–Educationally Compatible——Education many times determines our outlook on life if it will be a life of excellence or mediocrity.

C—–Communication and Caring—–Communication is more than just talking, it is coming to really know the other person, just as well as we know ourselves.

Communications is to learn how to speak the language of expressions, reasoning, feelings, culture and the principles of the other.

I——Identity——It is important that each person have their own identity this will keep us or them from becoming co-dependent, obsessive, or abusive.

A—–Affection—-1 : A moderate feeling or emotion 2 : tender attachment : passion, fondness: Affection— The breath of romance.

L——Love——-You need to really be in Love there needs to be the bonding and vulnerability that comes from being in Love this means serving, caring, respecting, believing in, and enjoying one another.

“When these come together it is called good chemistry and they can come together for married couples when the spouse becomes more than just the one they married they become that SPECIAL one.”

 Scott Stimson Sr

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