What Is A Revival?

The very word revival means to breathe life into that which is dead or that which is dying.

In modern terms it takes on many different meanings sometimes nothing more than a week of meetings at a church where a few people come to the Lord, and the church adds a couple of new families only to do the same thing again next year, also to some it is experiencing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that would be called a revival.

 Many others think that revival is happening because of the crowds of people that come to conferences or special meetings where the praise of men and money are enormous, but of course this is certainly not a real revival.  

“We are to be a revival not just have one”

8 ways we will know when it is a real revival:

(1)—–When the moving of the Holy Spirit is so great and awesome it cannot be marketed or controlled when we can no longer seize the moment to feed our greed

 (2)—–When political and religious leaders humble themselves under the mighty hand of God.  when they consider their title, seniority, and praise from men to be worthless, when they are more focused on people than popularity.

(3)—–When we are Christ centered and Kingdom focused When the gospel of Jesus Christ is fully preached  not a prophetic interpretations of the news.

(4)—–When we are truly impacting and imparting to the generations to come, as leaders, mentors, and parents.

(5)—–When signs,wonders and miracles are common place, and those who would use them for greed would face divine intervention.

(6)——When relationships in the body of Christ are in covenant love, and not political when we actually can have relationship with those that we support, and they are not just a celebrity media image.

(7)——-When the people are doing the ministry and the need for a five fold ministry is more remote,  this will happen when the church has come to the knowledge of one new man, and there is no difference between the laity and the clergy.

(8)—–When the walls between the secular and the sacred are torn down,and people evangelize through relationships and the light of the glory of God shines out of darkness, and a true witness of the finished work of Jesus Christ is manifest through kingdom authority.

H Scott Stimson Sr.

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