Judgment As It Relates To The Believer

The word for judgment comes from several Greek words meaning crisis,condemnation,discernment,and decision.

Man’s concept of judgment is often a vengeful madness, but this is not the New Testament teaching rather it is when God is stayed into action in order to save and to restore.

He sends forth judgment unto victory ( Mt.12:20 ) Mercy rejoices against judgment (James 2:13) Jesus is called the mercy seat for our sins and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. (1 Jn.2:2)

Judgment as it relates to the Believer is 3 fold past,present and future.

Past Judgment–as it relates to us as a sinner, when we come into Christ we are no longer sinners. We have been justified meaning “to be declared to be righteous” Our father has acquitted us by the court of heaven He has nothing against us we can no longer be judged as sinners that judgment is past it was over at the cross.

Present Judgment—as it relates to us as sons, while past judgment was against us present judgment is for us this is to mature us as son’s it is not in anger, but in love…… However we need to understand it may not be what is good to us, but good for us we may be crying for chocolate chip cookies and yet He says eat your spinach.

It has to do with the disciplines of the Lord as He removes out of us everything that stands in the way of having a clear vision of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Heb.12:5-15)

Future Judgment—as it relates to us as a servant, as a son you receive an inheritance but as a servant you receive a reward, It is not so much what we did as much as how we did what we did in this life in grace or in law.

Jesus mentioned that those who desire to be seen of men have their reward the reward was that men saw them, but how precious it is when He is the only one who knows and then our reward and honor is from Him.

 Our reward in a nutshell has to do with the Eternal Glory of God where we will shine as the firmament or as the stars forever and ever and one star differs from another star in glory. Dan.12:3

Scott Stimson Sr.

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