7 Things About Being Delivered From People.

7 things about being delivered from people.

Basically people do what they want to do and come back to the place they enjoy.

Excuses are often nothing more then a lack of desire.

Everyone has an inherent desire to be loved.

People have the tendency to live from their past experiences and know each other through their own world.

Communication is learning to speak and understand from the experience of others.

The 7 Things

1. When we become confident of our own identity through knowing ourselves in Christ everything changes.

2. By having an understanding of people how they think, and what they really want.

3. Understanding what it means to be separated from in order to be separated unto.

Consider Abraham’s journey his 7 basic separations Country, kindred, Egypt, Lot, desire for wealth, Ishmael and Issac.

4. The Lord delivered the apostle Paul from the Gentiles before He was ever sent to them. Acts 26:17

5.  Practice responding right without beating up ourselves when we don’t.

6 By having a servant’s heart Nicholas one of the 7 servants of Acts 6 his name speaks to us of one who has victory over what people say and do.

7 By growing the fruit of the Spirit which are the emotions of Jesus just to feel what He feels.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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