7 Kinds Of Men

 (Act like men and be courageous; grow in strength! 1st Cor. 16:13b Amp.

Jesus is the perfect man in Him we all must find our true identity, He alone will bring effortless change as we come to know Him.

I have spoken at many Men’s Conferences and I have listened to the secrets of men as well as living through my own frustrations, as we become more vulnerabe and transparent in our relationships we will discover freedom comes also.

Most men really long for true intimacy, but are governed by the fear of not being respected or not measuring up to others It is the ego thing because men are meant to be brave leaders putting their own lives at risk for the sake of others.

7 Kinds of Men –

(1) Some men are players – they have a low self-esteem and they need continual validation from others to build their ego they live life out of a false intimacy and a mistaken identity they are self-absorbed and they risk the lives of others.

(2) Some men lack motivation and are satisfied with mediocrity having a “getting-by attitude.”

They are not players but in many cases they lack real motivation for a relationship with their spouse, they are more interested in work, sports, hobbies etc.

(3) Then there are those men who are loyal, faithful, and love their wives, but still live in mediocrity in many cases they just frustrate their spouse’s because they show no courage, too emotional clingy and wimpish.

(4) Some men suffer from low self-esteem because they have never been validated by a Father, they may have issues of rejection or sexual abuse, and many times they turn to pornography which is false intimacy and in some cases they become abusers of others.

(5) Some men are domineering, abusive, and obsessively jealous thinking their spouse is meant to be a slave for them that they own them and believe they are always right because they are The Man.

(6) Some men choose to stay single for God’s purpose or a career others may have a warped view of marriage because of past hurts, their own independence, or fear of commitment. there is a whole trend of young men choosing video games and porn over a relationship this is social engineering it is destructive and it even has a name called sexodus.

(7) Some men are loyal, faithful, principled, and they enjoy life. Their spouse is their best friend, and intimacy is not a problem for them, they make themselves vulnerable for the greater purpose of their union, they are leaders with vision, courage, and strength.

(Act like men and be courageous; grow in strength! 1st Cor. 16:13b Amp.

Remember Jesus is the perfect man in Him we all must find our true identity, He will bring effortless change in us as we come to know Him.

Scott Stimson Sr

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