Transitioning Into A New Day

  It is a new day of rest from our own labors it is the sabbath of Sabbaths the day of the Lord and a day where there is no more struggle or mixture it is a day to be entered into now by faith.

  Here are some examples and changes that we will experience as we move from an old covenant mixture into a new covenant reality.

 Old Covenant                                             New Covenant

  It was about us —————————–   It is about Him.

  If I will He will——————————— Jesus is the eternal I will

  About our obedience————————About our union with Him

  Still hungry—————————————-Satisfied  in Him


  futuristic——————————————–It is finished

  Looking for revival——————————We are the revival


  Knocking——————————————– An open door

  He revives us——————We are raised up to live in His sight.

  Believing God————————————– Knowing God

  Lukewarm——————– Embracing the fire God Himself

  Wowed by signs and wonders————We are the sign and the wonder

  Trying to get the church perfected———-To manifesting the perfect one

Going through the fire—————————— Becoming the fire

  From being the victim—————————— Bcing the Victor

  From process——————————————To Provision

From seeking the kingdom—————————To seeing the kingdom

From celebrity ministries—————————-To the glorious body of Christ.

From just attending church——————————-To understand we are the church for the purpose of the kingdom of God.

H Scott Stimson

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