How To Judge Prophecy

All prophecy should be judged because of being in an impart realm  those who judge or discern are prophets, other leaders, but all should through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.
Questions to ask concerning prophetic words:
(1)  Does it build up or tear down?  If it leaves us in a state of hopelessness or helplessness it should be either forgotten or just wait until the Lord brings more clarity.
(2)  Does it bear witness to the spirit within. (Rev.2:7, 11,17 )
(3)  Does it agree with the clear written word and the spirit of that word. (1 Cor.1:17-21) (Amos 3:3)
(4)  Does it exalt the Lordship of Jesus Christ;  drawing us to Him and magnifying His finished work..It should not be exalting fear, the devil, or the power of flesh. but the Lordship of Jesus. (1 Cor.12:1-3)
(5)  Does it produce the fruit of life and liberty or does it bring us back into bondage. (Mt.7:16)
(6)  If predictive and conditions or met does it come to pass?
“Wisdom that will help us not to miss it.
(1) Submit the word to those you are ministering to.
(2)  Never make excuses for apparent misses rather learn from them.
(3)  Never try to impress others with your gift, this will cause inaccuracy and make a fool out of you.
(4)   Speak toward the destiny and not the present condition the gifts are given to reveal Jesus the cure for sin, not sins.
(5)   Take responsibility for what you say (example)  If you tell someone they are to go here or go there, leave their job etc.  be prepared to support them or pay expenses if it isn’t the Lord.
(6)   Never use the gift to manipulate people to give.
(7)   There should be no glory to self  in the prophetic ministry.
Scott Stimson Sr.

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