Discerning Real Relationship’s

(1)   When beginning a new relationship never ignore warning signals… example: disrespect for you or your family, rudeness toward others or gossip — if they will gossip to you they will gossip about you. “gossip means malicious intent”
(2)   You should never have to change who you are in order to be liked, on the other hand we should always improve upon ourselves to improve our lifestyle.
(3)   We should be able to disagree on issues and ideas without damaging the relationship.
(4)   Real relationships should never be forced (through control or manipulation)  they should be built through love and mutual respect through the test of time and difficulty.
(5)   Beware when it is all one-sided when the conversation’s are always about them. When they make a conscious attempt to convince you of their own success or if they are the center of attention, but have no real interest in you or your wishes could be toxic.
(6)   It will not be political in nature which is simply self serving, for money, popularity, or to fill a rejection need.
(7)   God will bring people into our lives who help equip and balance us they are leaders, some are spiritual parents, and mentors in where we need to grow, they will not change who they are to fit us they will have to be pursued by us and God will make the changes in us through His grace.
Scott Stimson Sr.

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