7 Nuggets For Spiritual Leaders

 All leaders could benefit by these simple nuggets be they preachers or not.

(1) Whenever there is a leadership problem of communication it does not rest entirely on the people but with the leaders who then must avoid the temptation of either becoming a people pleaser or a controller of them.


 (2) Study to show (yourself) approved unto the Lord “not to find a sermon.”Notice it is show yourself approved not show the Lord or somebody else.


(a)—Preparation for speaking after knowing the subject is better found in good spiritual, mental and physical rest:


(b)—Experience the word you preach from the finished work of Christ let it season in you in all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding


(3)—–Learn to preach with them not at them this comes by having a connection with the people. 


(a)—-We connect by identifying with the people through relationship, learn to use the terms we and Him instead of I and you.


(b)—–Respect and honor the ones you will be speaking to,  believe in them it will go a long way.


(4)—–Learn proper protocol– if your in another place respect the authority, the order, and the custom you don’t always have to be right.


(5)—-Your not there for an offering your there to be one. We should always be aware of the temptation to put our eyes on the finances if this happens we will find ourselves led by finances instead of the Holy Spirit.


 (6)—–In public speaking know when your done—Let the people determine how long you preach or teach let them demand more from you remember your there for them not them for you.


 (7) Bring forth bread and wine that means both the word and the moving of the spirit ( the gifts of the spirit) not just through you but through the body; Learn what it is to ascend and descend.


  Scott Stimson Sr.

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