What Is The Third Day?

The Third day is not a just a new buzz word for the church, nor is it just a prophetic time table for the new millennium, but it is a day of rest from our own labors it is the Sabbath of Sabbath’s it is the day of the Lord, a day where there is no more struggle or mixture, and a day to be entered into now by faith it is an understanding of the finished work of Jesus Christ.

 I understand that it is a three day journey not just a third day journey and each realm must be experienced just like 3 levels of growth little children youth and adults a greater dimension of our walk does not exclude a lesser one but rather it absorbs it.

After two days he will revive us , but in the 3rd day He will raise us up to live in His sight. Hos 6:2

             “To help us understand this truth”

  Here are some examples and changes that we will experience when we move from the 2nd day unto the 3rd day

    2nd day                                                                  3rd day

  It was about us —————————–   It is about Him.

  If I will He will——————————— Jesus is the eternal I will

  About our obedience————————About our union with Him

  Still hungry————————————-Satisfied in Him


  Someday—————————————-To it is finished

  Looking for revival—————————We are the revival


  Knocking—————————————-To an open door

  He revives us———————————-We live in His sight

  Believing God———————————-To Knowing God

  Lukewarm————————————–To embracing the fire

  Wowed by signs and wonders—————We are the sign and the wonder and they follow us

  Trying to get the church perfected———-To manifesting the perfect one

  From chasing God—————————-To Him chasing us

  Going through the fire————————To being the fire

  From being the victim————————To being the Victor

  From process———————————-To Provision

  and many more!

 Scott Stimson Sr.

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