From The House To The Palace

  There is a transition the church goes through as we apprehend the purpose of covenant relationship from the house of the Lord where we are kept and hidden into the Palace of the king where he the King displays His wealth (who we are and what is in us) to all the nations.

The house the church is where we relate –The palace the kingdom is where we rule from.
9 Blessings of the Palace:  (Psalms 144:9-15)
(1)  A new song unto the Lord–this speaks of a new order accompanied by joy and the fruit of faith. 
(2)  Salvation unto kings– Now nations will behold His beauty and King’s will arise to give Him glory. 
(3)  Deliverance from death, oppression, and ungodliness
(4)  Our children both natural and spiritual will find purpose they will walk in truth–they have maturity and dignity, our sons mature in their youth, and our daughters have royal dignity. 
(5) Prosperity–No lack or need there is abundance; every man is set under his own vine or under his own fig tree (Micah 4)
(6)  Reproduction—Kingdom evangelism which is relational with power is in our own streets given to all people everywhere. 
(7) Team ministry—No Breaches/strong to labor/recognition of one another’s gifts and functions/ The head The Lord Jesus is in His proper place we have endurance,we are focused, and we are relentless. 
(8)  No complaining in our streets no anguish no fighting no bickering true unity,and respect for the elderly  
(9) Abundant happiness in every area of life spiritually, socially, physically financially to be totally full and complete. 
Scott Stimson Sr.

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