Living Above Negative Relationships

All of us have had relationships that have either gone bad or were not good from the beginning, it is important to find God in all of them even in the difficult ones then be healed and move on.

Acts 28:1-6 shake it off so that we don’t swell up.

Overcoming Negative Relationships :

(1) Learn to respond rather then react. A response is to who they are as a person with feelings, family, and friends in mind. A reaction is when we are solely focused on what they may have done or what we think they are doing.

(2) Use the conflict to bring about long awaited changes in us. It may be that the Father is removing old attitudes and selfish motives from us and using a negative relationship to help bring that about. This may be happening– an old hurt will surface that has nothing to do with the immediate person you are having a conflict with. In this case, expose it to God’s presence and ministry to be healed with truth.

(3) Forgive—This does not mean to pretend no wrong has been done. Rather, the word forgive means to turn loose or send away the offence. It does not necessarily mean you trust them again either. It does mean to let them go. You count the cost, you acknowledge the wrong, and you choose to release them through the grace given unto you through Christ.

(4) Recognize that the Holy Spirit will allow some people in our lives only for a season; they were never meant to be a permanent part. Pastors and spiritual leaders really need to understand this. We can bless those who leave our church and ministry without resentment or thinking they missed God. We should make it easy for people to leave if they desire to by blessing them in every possible way.

(5) The things you dislike in others may be the picture of your own soul that you haven’t yet come to terms with.

(6) Negative relationships can become positive ones when we grow, adjust, and make changes in how we treat others. The person closest to us is often the most neglected. Make sure family is cared for.

(7) Avoid the blame game–it is a sign of immaturity. Rise above accusations and a critical spirit –it never helps anyone.

(8) Understand the freedom of being delivered from people, so that you may be sent to people in purity and love.

“We must have thick skin and a tender heart” ”Be greater than their criticism and smaller than their praise”

Scott Stimson Sr.

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