What It Means To Have A New Day

The Old Covenant is not just Genesis through Malachi nor is the New Covenant just Matthew through Revelation, but this is a particular way in which God dealt with His people.

It is important for us that we make sure we live, preach, and prophesy with a new covenant mentality.

Examples  an old covenant mentality is external and futuristic, and a new covenant mentality is internal and flows out of The finished work of Christ.

Old Covenant—-New Covenant

Face of Moses——Face of Jesus

Glory of man——-Glory of God

Veiled face(hind parts)—–Open face

Blinded mind——-Enlightened mind

Unchanged mind—–Renewed mind

Image of man——The Image of Christ

Anti-Christ——–The Christ


Human effort—–Sabbath rest

Sweat————No Sweat

Through Glory—–In Glory

Passing away——-Remaining

Things seen——–Things not seen


Tables of stone—-Fleshly tables of the heart

Administration of death——Ministry of the spirit

Condemnation——-No condemnation


Law of sin and death——Law of the spirit of life


Of the letter that kills———-Of the spirit that gives life


He takes away the first to establish the second

Scott Stimson Sr

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