What Is Real Faith?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.(not yet revealed to the physical senses- amp.)  Heb.11:1
Real faith flows out of the heart not out of the head, It is unseen reality and it is more sure than what we can see. ( Mk 11:23-24 )
Real faith is born out of relationship with the source of faith “The Lord Jesus Christ” it is not just a tool to get us out of trouble or a way of performance to get God to like us It is not 3 steps 10 steps or just another formula it is a relationship of trust with the Master. (Gal.3:11)
Real faith is the ability to see the end result, and count it as done now.
Real faith is rest based upon what Jesus has already done in His death, burial, and resurrection. ( Heb.4:3 )
Real faith is substance;  hope is the vessel of the substance, and love is the force of the substance.
Real faith is always connected to grace, patience, mercy, hope, victory, and it needs no explanation.  
Real faith has already defeated every enemy we could ever face in this life, it is the faith of Jesus Christ.
Real faith is the victory that has already overcome the world. (1 Jn.5:4)
Real faith is the Life Style of Jesus being witnessed in the earth through His people.
Scott Stimson Sr.

One thought on “What Is Real Faith?

  1. Yes Scott…. Faith Gives A Foundation Upon Which The Holy Ghost Can Manifest That Which We Are Believing For….. Faith Gives Substance That I Can See and Feel and Hold In The Natural Realm…. Out Of That Which My Faith Has Already Seen and Felt and Held In God’s Spirit Realm.

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