Truth That Liberates From Selfish Attitudes

3 things that free us from selfish attitudes:
 1–When we know our Father really loves us on the basis of who He is not on the basis of what we do, He is not looking for our performance but our heart.
 (1 Jn.4:16-17–Rom.8:38-39)
2–When we know we can trust Jesus more than we mistrust people, and we understand His purpose is to conform us into His image and rules over all the kingdoms of men. When we understand we may fail in our journey but that is not our destiny nor is it the completion of our legacy. He is still in control meaning he is able to turn the hearts and change the circumstances no matter how they appear.
( Rom.8:28-29-Pro.3:5)
3–When we know how to release our cares unto Him; The more we struggle to have our own way the less we will get the results we want, The Lord will bring us to a place where we no longer live in the “sweat” of self-effort but from His rest we do reign.
(Ezk.44:15-18)  The sons of Zadok would not clothe themselves with anything that would cause them to sweat, no wool upon them, only linen showing the righteousness of Christ rather than the self effort of man.
1 Pet 5:7-8 ( Amp.) Casting the whole of your care, all your anxiety, all of your worry, all of your concern, over on Him; for He cares for you affectionally and cares about you watchfully.
 Scott Stimson Sr.

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