7 Keys For Advancing The Kingdom

Of the increase of His kingdom (government) and peace there shall be no end.  (Isa. 9:7a)

A rock was cut out of a mountain without mans hands, and became a great mountain, and it filled the whole earth.  (Dan.2:35)

The Kingdom of God is the rule of God through our Lord Jesus Christ

Advancement is the act of moving forward,improvement,progress and promotion.

7 Keys:

(1)  Through walking in the love of God –We can’t have kingdom advancement if we have strife and bitterness in our heart.

(2) By taking the limits off of God–The kingdom will advance to every area of life spirit,soul, body,financially,emotionally,socially,relationally.

(3) By eliminating excuses for not advancing we cannot bring in the kingdom, it brings us in, and the Holy Spirit will lead us into advancement.

(4) Through proper focus: our greatest hindrance is distractions that take away our focus. petty issues,dogmas,negative relationships etc.etc.

(5) Through inclusion not exclusion the kingdom advances when we come together through covenant and we include those who don’t think like us, look like us we do this without fear of being polluted or backsliding. “consider the life of Jesus” if others don’t receive you must be bigger then their rejection and love them and bless them anyway.

(6) Through wisdom— wisdom is the ability to apply the principles of the kingdom accurately to every area of life, Wisdom builds the house.

(7) Through leaders releasing the people into the work of the ministry to where they are no longer co-dependent on the five fold ministry.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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