Things I Learned About Prophetic Ministry

I Thess.5:20-21- “Despise not prophesying, prove all  things, hold fast that which is good.”

Things I learned:  I have been in prophetic ministry for over 30 years I have literally ministered to thousands of people personally and as many as 400 personal prophesies in one week, I have been blessed to see the word reveal hearts and change lives forever to the glory of God.

 I continue to hear of prophetic words that have come to pass including children that were ministered to and watch them grow into adults fulfilling what the Lord had said many years before it is exciting to say the least.

  I also learned early that the ministry must not be built around the gift but on the giver the Lord Jesus Christ, I also learned early that He uses us inspite of us not because of us, I have missed it many times the only thing i can do about that is grow through it learn why and be responsible for it when it is a clear miss.

 I have also learned we must avoid becoming professional prophets because we think it is expected of us “professionalism is the ability to continue when there is no true anointing”.

7 Things To Remember About Prophetic Ministry! 

(1) Purity of motives are essential in prophetic ministry; example don’t prophesy for an offering but rather be one.

(2) We must be responsible for the word that we give Example: If you tell someone to quit their job and if they go broke because of it make sure your ready to support them.

(3) Don’t judge by outward appearance the Lord speaks to the potential the seed not to the flesh.

(4) Be accountable both to the person you are ministering to and also the authority that God has put into their lives etc.. parents pastors leaders or whoever they are subject too. (note when I minister to a child I ask where their parents or guardian are).

(5) The gifts are not to impress the public if you are not sure about something submit it to the person  Example: Don’t tell them their name is Sam when it’s Jerry don’t tell them they have a son when they don’t just Be real, this is not to say God will not reveal these things many times he does just don’t try to impress.

(6) Prophecy from a platform of faith (Rom.12:6) not fear or a negative vision If you see darkness wait for the light to come and then prophesy.

(7) Never dominate or use the gift to control others If it is really the Holy Spirit then He will reveal Jesus to the spirit, soul, and the body bringing life and encouragement to the hearer.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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