“Prophetic Understanding” the difference between old and new

“Prophetic Understanding”
Much of the “prophetic difficulty” found today comes as a result of a new covenant people with an old covenant mentality.

Inconsistency in the realm of the prophetic can create alot of confusion and some prophecies are just plain weird and not from God,
Some will ab-lib to the point that it is unbelievable, then there are those who will sweep it under the rug and forget they ever said anything, others are just simply looking for self -validation.

It makes all the difference in the world when we understand what has been done in the finished work of Jesus Christ and we become established in the new covenant of grace and faith.
How can I know the difference between an old covenant mentality and a new one especially when it concerns the prophetic?
(1)  In the old covenant the spirit comes on you, in the new covenant He flows out from you.
(2)    Old covenant is primarily foretelling saying something that will be or can be, this normally majors on human responsibility to make it happen,  the new is primarily forthtelling saying something already truth but not yet manifested or realized.
(3)    In an old covenant mentality we are overly led by dreams and spiritual sensations most dreams are the voice of the soul and not spirit dreams which makes them unreliable and reveal a condition rather than a solution, I had reoccurring dreams for 15 years then one morning I woke up and said Lord I thank you that your healing me and getting all this out of me they stopped that night.
NOTE: I am not saying God will not use dreams today He does but in the new covenant they are better called visions of the night they are not a primary way of spiritual guidance but something to supplement.
(4)  In the old covenant mentality the Prophet is a loner they easily become un-submissive in the gift and normally end up using prophecy to manipulate people or to support their need to be recognized, eventually they may become a prophet of the people or to a former move of the Spirit which may appeal to the emotions but this is not a new covenant prophet of the Spirit.
(Titus 1:12)
(5) An old covenant mentality will put the focus on what the Lord will do not what He has done this has a way of keeping the people co-dependent upon the minister but never coming into the knowledge of what is already in them.
(6) An old Covenant mentality will often come from a heart of sin consciousness, judgment, anger, fear, and guilt they will give warnings that come from despair and they often will say things like I don’t want to give this word   “but”   and even become disappointed when bad things they prophecy don’t come to pass.
(7)  Many prophetic predictions come from an insecure desire to be right or to feel important this is because of the need of finding their identity as a prophet instead of a son, and this will cause inaccuracy  they will rely on general knowledge such as news events or personal experiences, but not on the Holy Spirit.
(8)  Psychics and those who come from an old covenant mentality have this in common they may at times say what is true (but not the truth) If it is not the Spirit of truth it will ultimately lead people away from the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus unto false gods and idols of religion.
(9) A New Covenant mentality comes from seeing Jesus in Glory when this happens we will flow from rest we will have a vision of the day we will reveal Jesus in what he has done in order to make known what he is doing in the earth. 
New covenant prophets will display mercy grace and faith and be accountable to others.
Scott Stimson Sr.

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