7 Things To Know About Hearing God

Isaiah 30:21— Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.

Notice the word behind you this has a twofold meaning one is what God says is simply what He has already said in and through the finished work of Christ, and the other is that we will often hear him only after we have moved forward, and then He confirms our steps.

In hearing God we must be aware that our own will also has a voice and can often interfere with hearing a clear pure sound from the Lord, “un-disciplined desires can create voices that sound like God, but they will often be divisive while having anxiety and confusion attached to them”.

7 things to know about hearing God

1—Eliminate the negative excuses out of our life he want’s us to know his will and comprehend his voice God loves you and will speak to you as much as he will to anyone.

2—Understand there must be purpose in us hearing— Sometimes he expects us to know what to do so that he may teach us to rule and reign than at other times it is because of major shifts in our life that he will speak dramatically.

3—Don’t limit the Lord to one way of speaking— God has many ways of communication… example:  By the revelation of scripture, impressions of peace, a  sound spiritual knowing, a voice, confirmed prophetic ministry, circumstances of life with the spirit of peace, spiritual dreams or just pure intimate communion.

4—Understand God’s method’s of communication—God is a spirit his primary way to communicate with us is #1 in our spirit  #2 in the soul (mind,emotions and will) and then #3 in the physical world, if God speaks audibly it is a low form of hearing Him this is where He stoops way down to speak.

5—Get to know him for yourself, the more we come to know him away from all the religious clutter of church and social activities or another person’s revelation of him we will be able to listen to his heart beat.

6—No one has the right to violate your conscience by commanding you to do something that is not in your heart to do, however this does not mean we shouldn’t have a submissive attitude and an open heart to listen to others.

7—Avoid being motivated by guilt or shame–Many people mistake God’s voice expecting it to come through shame or guilt especially in the area of giving “it should be cheerful giving not manipulated giving”.

“Learn to pay close attention to the first thought, stop habitual second guessing yourself and never turn against your potential in doing so you also attack God’s work in your life.

 Scott Stimson Sr.

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