Keys To Receiving Miracles

1 Cor.12:9   To one is given the working of miracles.  The word working here means to activate or to operate (note) “The gift of the activation of miracles” not the gift of miracles.

 These are all grace gifts meaning they are not earned by our will or our wisdom, but they are to be received through faith.

Eph. 2:1—We are saved by grace through faith and that not of ourselves it is the gift of God  not of works, so no one can boast about it.

7 Things Concerning Miracles:

(1)—– It is mis-belief to think that God will do miracles without our participation.

(2)—– God’s part is grace (divine en-ablement) our part is faith which is the response to His grace.

(3)—– How he started in our life when he brought us common salvation is the same pattern for working in our lives now.

(4)—-Grace and faith will not allow us to focus on the condition or the reason for it such as sins, attacks, blame, past failures etc.etc.  John 9:1-5

(5)—-We need miracles to help us on our journey in life, yet walking in divine wisdom may prevent us from needing so many miracles, but there should be no guilt if we find that we need one.

(6)——Miracles often happen in the atmosphere of proper relationships where the gifts of the Holy Spirit can flow, consider the first miracle Jesus did was at a wedding and it involved others. (Jn.2:1)

(7) —-We cannot earn a miracle by our good works nor disqualify ourselves by our bad works, We simply breathe in Grace and breathe out Faith!

Scott Stimson Sr

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