Marks Of Maturity

Marks of Maturity: The state or quality of being fully grown or developed.


M–Management—-As we grow we come to manage our time, tongue, talent and treasure the result of this is peace productivity and power.


A–Accountable—-As we grow we discover both the freedom and the need of being accountable to others especially those in whom we have covenant relationship .


T–Trusting—-but  not ignoring discernment in trusting people as we grow we find a liberty to trust instead of being skeptical or critical we trust in God’s ability to keep us.


“The best way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him” stated by Henry L. Stimson Secretary of War ‘1940-1945’ and then a more famous modern quote,an old Russian proverb” TRUST but VERIFY” stated by President Ronald Reagan on Dec 4th 1987.


U–Unity—As we grow we work for unity among others recognizing that they have a place as we do. We will not be thinking that unity means I have the pre-eminence, but living by the principle” if they will not let us in their circle we will draw a bigger circle and include them anyway.”


R–Rest—As we grow we learn to do everything from a posture of rest we no longer allow things or people to cause us to panic we save our nerves for a real emergency and live by the principle of “NO SWEAT.” Not meaning a lack of work…, just meaning rest instead of fear”.


I–Identify—-As we grow we come to identify with others in their need; weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice also identifying with God in His provision and character.

T–Teachable—A wise man will listen and increase in learning and a man of understanding will attain unto wise council; as we grow we realize how much we don’t know, and how much we need others to teach us.


Y–Yielding—As we grow we no longer need to have our way all the time. We understand the joy of yielding our desires to bless and help other people.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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