Removing False Identities

Ex.23:22 (b)  I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you.

Numbers 33:55 

  If you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you then those who you let remain,shall be thorns in your sides(relationships) and pricks in your eyes(vision), and trouble you in the land where you live.

In identifying our enemies we should understand they are not from without,but they are from within.

We are in a battle that has already been won by Jesus now we come to experience that victory as we confront our enemies in the understanding of our true identity in Christ.

The enemies are giants that have Intermingled and embedded themselves into our personality while magnifying themselves through lies  these are attitudes and an old mentality that lives in our land.

  They are not us, but they do live in us they must be confronted through the power of the Holy Spirit destroying all their memories (pictures) Numbers 33:51 and remove them completely from our land .

The Enemies :

Amorites—–Pride, ego, self boaster, vain glory, the root of a performance mentality.

Hittites——–Fear,torment, negetive motivation, anxiety, presumption.

Hivites———Compromise, mediocrity, opposite of excellence

Jebusites—–Defeated, trodden down, a poverty mentality,depression

Perrizites—–Isolation, A loner, non-covenantal, rejected mentality

Canaanites—Salesman, love of money, manipulative, greedy, covetousness.

When we understand that these enemies are in our land (soul) we also must  understand they are not who we really are then we will not be intimidated by them and the accuser will not be able to use them against us.

We will with the word of truth drive them out of are thoughts desires and feelings while finding perfect peace for our soul.

Scott Stimson Sr.

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