7 Things We Should Know About Death

The apostle Paul asked the question of the ages to death and hell.

” Oh death where is thy sting?” Death was silent for it had no answer so he turned to the grave and asked ” Where is thy victory?” Again the grave (Hades) could not answer so he answered for them both by saying, “Thanks be unto God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!” (I Cor.15:55)

7 Things we should Know about Death!

(1)–Jesus destroyed the source of death. The natural body came from the first Adam; the spiritual body comes from Christ. (Heb. 2:14-15) (1 Cor.15:35-58)

(2)–Jesus abolished death through the gospel. When the gospel is preached, death cannot stay. (2 Tim.1:9-10)

(3)–Jesus tasted death for every man. (Heb.2:9)

(4)–Jesus loosed us from the appointment we had with death. (Psalms 102:20)

(5)–Jesus Himself is the resurrection out from among the dead. (John 11:23-25)

(6)–Resurrection means to stand upright; We have risen from the dead in spirit, out from among the dead in soul, and we will yet know the resurrection of the body. (Coll.3:1, Philippians 3:10,I Cor.15:42)

(7) Jesus has the keys of hell and death. (Rev.1:18)

Scott Stimson Sr.

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