Another Look At Hell Outside of Religious Tradition.

I do not pretend to know all the answers to this subject but these things are an important consideration in the study of hell, I am not even speaking concerning a certain doctrine nor siding in with any one group the message i preach is very clear it is The Revelation of Jesus Christ and it matters not who agrees or disagrees It is a person not a doctrine.

So this is for consideration in the light of what we have been taught by others.


It has been used by religion’s to confuse,torment,take away peace,cause untold numbers to grieve over loved ones some have gone insane with fear while religion is distorting God’s character and limiting his power but Jesus defeated Hell at the cross when He cried it is finished and the graves opened up.

He is the God of all Hope…

7 things you may not know about Hell.

(1)—The word hell comes from a German term meaning to cover and used by the Scot’s in the covering over of potatoes for the winter.

The KJV translators picked this up to describe the grave (the Greek word Hades) and the Hebrew word Sheol it is also called Gehenna or the Valley of Hinnom in another place.

It is used by Jesus to describe the place of punishment familiar under the O.T. for the Judgment of Judah, Peter used the word tarturus (from Greek Mythology) to describe the chains for angels that sinned.

(2)—-Jesus used the word Gehenna (the garbage dump) because he was dealing with the the judgment of the nation of Israel, and their rejection of Him as the Messiah.

Gehenna speaks of a national judgment not an individual judgment, He used hades 4 times, the rest of the time He used the word Gehenna and was never used afterward except by James to describe the tongue in James 3:6

(3)—- The Apostle Paul only mentioned hades or hell one time and never mentioned Gehenna

1 Cor. 15:55  “Oh death where is thy sting and Oh grave “hades” where is thy victory”  Hell has no victory.

(4)—-In Lk 16 we have The story of the rich man and Lazarus. This is a parable of the Jews (the rich man) and Lazarus (the Gentiles). Both systems died. One was carried into Abraham’s bosom the other went to hades the “grave”. There are many thoughts here that are to numerous to mention.

One interesting thought is the rich man had the presence of mind to call Abraham his father,and only wanted Lazarus to put his finger in some water to cool his tongue He didn’t ask for a river of water, but only a dip of his finger.

This is a parable because Jesus was speaking to the Pharisee’s and He only spoke to them in parables concerning the mysteries of the kingdom. It is just one in a string of five parables he had just spoken there is much more that can be said on this subject.

(5)—- Do you know that the lake of fire that burns with brimstone is where death and hell are eventually thrown into?

The word “lake” is better translated “body”. The word “brimstone” comes from the Gr. word “Theion” from where we get our word “Theos” translated “God”. Death and hades (hell) are thrown into a body of fire burning with God himself.

(6)—-Do you know that God said through Jeremiah that burning His children in the fire of Gehenna (Valley of Hinnom), had never even entered into His mind? (Jer. 32:35) He is a good God

(7)—-Jesus said He has the keys of death and Hades, Satan is not the jailer nor does he hold the keys to hell.

H Scott Stimson

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