Spiritual Truth’s In The Sequoia Trees

 That they might be called “trees” of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified. Isa. 61:3 b

There are many spiritual truths in these trees as nature declares the glory of the Lord.

1.  The leaves of the Sequoia tree never fade because they are a form of “evergreen” tree!

2.  The Sequoias only grow successfully in RICH, mineral soils and in FULL sunlight.


 3. The Sequoias are often located by underwater or visible streams, because of the trees requirement for large amounts of water.


4.  These magnificent trees require periodic “wildfire” to clear competing vegetation and soil humus before successful regeneration will occur….AND, what is so incredible is that they are HIGHLY resistant to it!


 5.  The Sequoia tree is highly resistant to decay! The oldest known Sequoia is 3,600 yrs old? 


 6.  The root systems of the Sequoia is quite unique! Their average roots are 6 ft, and if grown alone, will not withstand winds, heavy rains or flooding. BUT….when they are growing in a grove of Sequoias, they roots of each tree INTERTWINES with each other, holding each tree “up” no matter what storm…wind, rain, floods, hail or fire


7. Because of their magnificent height, Sequoias change the skyline of the horizonIt is the worlds largest tree, they grow to an average height 190-300 ft and 12-30 feet in diameter! They have been recorded to be 311 ft in height and 41 ft in diameter. They also grow faster than any other tree in the world! They areGIANTS…literally.


I have seen them they are magnificent

Scott Stimson Sr.

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