Thoughts On The End Times

Many years ago while sitting in a Sunday morning service my Pastor who was a wonderful Godly man said ” Jesus will come in the 80’s”  I had just heard a well known end-time prophecy teacher at a bible school in Tulsa say the church would have to be evacuated in the next 18 months to 3 years if prophecy continued to be fulfilled at this rapid rate that was during the Iran crisis in 1979.

  I was somewhat confused because I was hearing the Lord speak to me about the ministry I am now in wondering why he would speak about my future, but there would be none or why he would keep giving people assignments in the earth for no reason, needless to say they were wrong and the church is still here.

 I know of very little that the end-time prophecy teachers have said since that time that has actually come to pass.


   Books such as the Four blood moons ” The  late great planet earth”  “Y2K”   the left behind series and now the Iran crisis which is nothing more than a repeat for the last 30 years and numerous others that just don’t happen, I have nothing personal against those who say these things I’m sure many of them love God and are sincere, but the church in her immaturity has been afraid to question these things so we remain gullible and in the dark concerning God’s purpose in the earth today.

Jesus in His first coming did not come in the way they thought He would and they missed Him, perhaps the real issue on end time prophesy teaching is it just simply isn’t the gospel of Jesus Christ it is a study of scripture comparing with natural events in the earth based upon a distorted view with predictions based on their interpretations of events.

Dispensational theology is primarily based on God’s dealings with the nation of Israel the natural people and is based upon law & works and it is fulfilled it goes back to an old covenant before the cross. Now some will call this replacement theology, but it is not it is placement theology putting all who believe in their proper place in Christ.

The end time teachings of today concerning the nation of Israel does a great dis-service to the people of that nation and especially the church by not telling them the truth as it is in Christ, it keep’s them looking at the external “Political Zionism” look this term up for yourself its origin and who is responsible for the present situation today this keeps people blinded from seeing the living Messiah.

Covenant theology is based on God’s dealing’s with His people through Jesus Christ on the basis of grace through faith and that will never end or change, and he will never go back to dealing with people based on law and works because the sin problem for all mankind was settled at Calvary.

You and I have been delivered from wrath by the blood of Jesus there is no need for us to leave the planet to escape wrath, we are hidden with Christ in God the secret place of the most high. (Psalms 91:1)

The church is not an after thought of God or a Delta Dawn with her faded rose in her hand waiting for her lover to come and take her home nor is she a concubine until He can get to His true bride Jesus said in (Jn. 17:15) I pray not that you would take them out of the world but that you would keep them from the evil. 

The church is the instrument of God’s dominion in the earth and she is to rule with him through covenant relationship both vertically and horizontally.

My desire through these thoughts is that we prove all things hold fast that which is good (I Th. 5:21) and awake to our divine kingdom mission in the earth knowing that our times here are in His hands.

Finally this is not for argument or to say I’m right and you are wrong, I have known many who had the wrong theology in my opinion but lived in a way of overcoming while watching others with the right doctrine in my opinion live defeated always looking for a way of escape.

 Scott Stimson Sr.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On The End Times

  1. Bro. Scott I believe That to be the truth, I love your spirit in the way that you put things out for people that has a heart to know and the Spirit to reveal The Truth as it is In Christ. Love In Christ Jesus

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