What About The End Times?

What About The End Of The World As Men Know It?

I would like to say from the beginning I know that there are many readers who have a different view than this note If you can enlighten me on any of these areas I welcome it by God’s grace I always want to remain teachable.

However I think it is wise to listen and to study to see if these things are so, and be like the Berean’s at Thessalonica because it is important that we examine the roots of our teachings in every area not just take some preachers word for it.

Remember this: what God has for us in the future is so much greater then anything we could ever imagine in this life. Dispensational teaching ( Schofield and Darby) as it is called today limits God and gives a distorted view of His heart now let us have Grace with each other in this area and focus on Jesus not an event.

Consider these things

1—-We are delivered from wrath by the blood of Jesus there is no need to escape the planet to avoid it.  PS. 91

2—-The great tribulation that is spoke about in Dan.9:24-27, Lk.17; Mk13; Mt 24;  happened already in 70 AD at the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus the Roman prince, the well respected Jewish historian Josephus records these events. also see Adam Clark’s his Commentary on Mt.24.

( Adam Clark was a protege of John Wesley)

http://www.godrules.net/library/clarke/clarkemat24.htm here is a link.

3—-A scripture that is often used is in Lk 17:23 -25:  Jesus said one shall be taken and one shall be left as it was in the days of Noah, well in those days the wicked were takenand the righteous were left to inherit the earth.

4—-In Jesus parable of the wheat and the tares Mt.13: the tares were removed first, then the wheat was gathered into barns (for feeding)

5—–Pr.10:30   The wicked shall be rooted out of the earth, but the righteous shall remain in it.

6—–Jesus prayed that the Father would not take us out of the world, but keep us from the evil.  Jn.15:5

7——The two angels spoke after the ascension of Jesus and said he would so come in like manner as we have seen him go away;  saying nothing about us leaving the planet, but rather him returning just reverse the process. ( from flesh to spirit and then from spirit to flesh)  Acts 1

8——I Th. 4:17  says nothing about us leaving the earth to go to heaven, but about comforting the saints concerning their loved ones who have died saying God will bring them with him then we rise to meet him and them.

The word “meet” is to welcome a dignitary or make convocation and the word “air” (aer- Greek) means environment or respiratory (breath) “the soul life”  the word “cloud (s)”  refer to the glory cloud of people not visible atmospheric clouds.

He comes within or in a trump,in a voice, and in a shout the word with in the KJV is the word meaning in; Jesus is the trumpet, The voice, and The shout as well as the chief messenger.

9——God will never again go back to a natural people (Israel after the flesh) and deal with them differently than through the cross. 

 Some would call this “replacement theology”…It is not  It is placement theology for all men both Jew and Gentile through the blood of Jesus Christ. God just drew a bigger circle and included them (Israel in) like he does everyone else  now it is only through Jesus’ Christ.

The flesh profits nothing, in Rom 11:1 the apostle Paul used himself as an example to prove God had not forsaken his people Israel after the flesh, he was not speaking of the future, but what was happening right then.

 It is a horrible dis-service to the Israel in the middle east to give them another plan for salvation other than through the blood of Jesus and it magnifies their flesh keeping them from seeing Christ, love them bless them and do the same for all mankind.

10——The book of Revelation as seen in Chapter 1  is about the Revelation of Jesus Christ (the word “revelation”  is also translated manifestation or unveiling)  which must shortly come to pass, he sent and sign-ified it by his servant John, he John was in the spirit when he received it,  that is also where we must be to understand it.

11——The word “rapture” does not appear in the Bible;  it is a Latin word meaning to be carried away.

The word caught up in 1 Th.4:17  is the word “harpazo” meaning to be seized.

Simply saying “as he descends we ascend”  this is happening now in a measure. where we are “seized” by his presence.

12——-1 Cor.15: 51 ” We shall be changed” the Greek word for changed is the word “atomos” where we get our word atom from and atomic as in the splitting of the atoms, The twinkling of an eye has nothing to do with time but a re-focusing such as from flesh to spirit a different word is used for both “moment” and “change” in other places.

13——2 Thess. 2:1-6  Says the man of sin (sits) (is) (opposes) (exalteth) (all in the present tense) in the temple of God not in a temple in the Middle East;  spiritually this is the “self will of man” (the beast) and it is already in the world both individually and collectively on a large scale.

14—— The great tribulation teaching that Jesus was speaking about concerning the destruction of Jerusalem really only works in countries (western society) tell the believers in Iraq about great tribulation or a rapture as they are being persecuted by Isis? the teaching works where they are not in severe persecution the truth is the entire church age has known tribulation.

15——Some end time prophecy teachers have said that things will get worse and worse then there will be 200 million Chinese people who will die in the battle of Armageddon but Ps.2:8 says Jesus has been given the nations for an inheritance.

16——The beast  historically refers to Titus the Roman prince spiritually it refers to the character of the old man; hence the word “mark” of the beast in Rev.13 is the Greek word “charagma” where we get our English word “character” speaking of the character of the beast not a chip or a stamp regardless who may want to implant a chip the real beast is that which is in the heart, mind and actions .

17——The whole creation is on its tip toes waiting for God’s sons to come into their own. Rom. 8:19 J.B. Phillips.

18——The teaching of a pre-trib rapture historically came through 2 Jesuit priest’s named Ribera and Lacunza, and a 15 year old Scottish girl by the name of Margaret McDonald in 1830 and then popularized by CI Scofield and John Nelson Darby who also taught speaking in tongues was of the devil.

19——The scripture teaches the appearing of the Lord with and in His saints not the disappearing of the church.

20——We should always have grace toward each other understanding no one individual has the full revelation of all these things we do have an abiding hope that never shall never fade away.

21——-The word apocalypse has nothing to do with end time theology the word means to uncover or to disclose.

22—–What we have going on in the world today is called political Zionism it is a globalist agenda to take over the world this will be defeated by the mighty power of God being released through his people.

Just a note: I do believe in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and glory I have been amazed at the people who will allow these things to be such an issue of division they will break fellowship on all sides of this teaching this should not be so let us have grace.


A right spirit is prized above a right doctrine

Scott Stimson Sr.

5 thoughts on “What About The End Times?

  1. Totally agree. I grew up ultra Pentecostal then moved into the WOF movement. Several years ago I studied and taught the kingdom for 14 months on my midweek services with great response. Keep it up bro. You have been delivered from the face of men

  2. Hi Scott, I’m Douglas from Edmonton. I remember you teaching about this when you were here. I’ve never heard anyone teach revelations in this way before. I really feel there is validity to this message because the focus is on jesus where it ought to belong. My father in particular seems to be obsessed with the political happenings of revelation instead of using it to have a deeper understanding of Jesus. Unfortunately, this is quite common. Thanks.
    May God Bless your ministry.

  3. Great teaching Scott. I agree. I have come to these same conclusions myself as I’ve studied the NT.

  4. har dafe ke inja ro mikhonam, che ghagimn neveshte bashin o che shad, az khoondane neveshtehatoon lezzat mibaram ! yade on dafe oftadam ke injaro baste bodin khoobe ke bargashtin,dige neveshteye khoob inja kam peyda mishe:-)

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